Best Buzz Bee Blasters

What do you think is the best blaster from Buzz Bee?

The Top Ten

1 Ultra-Tek Sentinel

I think the sentinel is the best buzzbee blaster, high performance out of the box and it has great mod potential because of the big plungertube. - NERFNERD02

2 Ultra-Tek Brute

Basically a better rapidstrike with a huge 20 round magazine - NERFNERD02

3 Ultra-Tek Champion

Nice mag fed sidearm with high performance - NERFNERD02

4 Ultra-Tek Sidewinder

High performance, high capacity, looks good but permanent slamfire - NERFNERD02

5 Ultra-Tek Snipe

Looks cool, quite high performance but a slow reload - NERFNERD02

6 Air Max Tyrant

High performance, mag fed but uses mega darts which are a lot more expensive - NERFNERD02

7 Air Max Baron

Nice compact backup with quite high performance - NERFNERD02

8 EXTREME Blastzooka

Great for mods, in stock form, meh - NERFNERD02

9 Over Under Double Shot
10 Tek 3
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