Top 10 CA Mini Competition Dancers for 2012

Dancer must be an active member of a California Dance Studio and competed as a MINI (ages 8 and under) during the 2012 Competition Season.

The Top Ten CA Mini Competition Dancers for 2012

Emmy Cheung, West Coast School of the Arts

Impeccable technique. Emmy's technique is absolutely flawless. She dances with poise and grace and has been the reigning First Place Overall and Title Holder since she started her solo dance career. Emmy has tough competition, but is unlikely to lose her crown any time soon.

Emmy is stunning and always amazes me when she steps on stage. She is a gorgeous young lady with flawless technique and incredible stage presence. She is AMAZING!

Emmy is a joy to teach. Is very mature and professional.

Emy is one of the BEST dancers I have ever seen. Her technique is ridic, she is so cute and she is so sweet. I think she was born with talent. When I said hi to her at a competition she was super nice and wished me good luck! I hope I get to see her in another competition soon.

Ashley Berdelis, Pacific Dance (now at West Coast School of the Arts)

One of the great best performers that I've ever seen.. Nobody does better tumbling than Ashley

Great Dancer and tumbler, fantastic personality and fun to watch onstage.

A strong, tumbling genius who will give any dancer a run to first place. Powerful, fun and precise. Ashley gives 100% on stage!

So much fun to watch her dance. Watch out she's going to be get even greater in the future!

Gavin Morales, Dolce Dance Studio

Fiery, Fierce and Fun! Never a boring moment! Gavin is a star! Being a boy has its advantages! However, Gavin does not rely on being one of the only boys competing. He gives 110% full out every time he performs. He will continue to to hold his crown for years to come!

Jordan Cruz, The Dance Place

Musical Theater muse! Watch Out! Jordan executes her choreography flawlessly and never breaks character.

Tessa DeFries, Dance Dynamics (now with Mather)

A tiny little dancer with a bigger than life stage presence. Tessa is a force to be reckoned with and will be moving up the Top 10 ranks next season.

Tessa is truly amazing! Love her facials. Her solos are truly a joy to watch.

Sophia Laufer, The Rage
Emma Mather, Mather Dance Company

Has the Mather flair for demanding your attention. Small but profound who kills it on stage. With a powerhouse studio behind her, Emma is sure to be among the top 10 ranks for years to come.

Brooke Shaw, West Coast School of the Arts

A pint size diva with the soon to be flawless technique of her older sister Lauren. You will not be able to turn your away from Brooke and will certainly be following her dance career.

So sassy! Love watching her dance :-)

Avery Monce, San Diego Dance Center
Sydney Thomas, Cutting Edge Dance Center
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