Best Cactus McCoy 2 Weapons

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1 Power Drill

It is really good and I love playing with it

My thifd favourite weapon kills very very fast

Kills fast,easy to use,has a lot of hp and gets you a lot of money. It is the best.

2 Buzz Saw

One of the best thrusting weaponz

Why didn't anybony comment on this. this is a good weapon!?

3 Chainsaw

I mastered it on the first level I found one

4 Gatling Gun
5 Alligator

This is lord balthazar saying that I love the sound of the alligator

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6 Cat O' Nine Tails

This weapon is the best whipping weapon on cactus McCoy. Clifton representing

This weapon is good but it is IMPOSSIBLE TO BLAST PEOPLE OFF INTO OUTER SPACE WITH. if you wanna do that then you wanna go with bear clawz or something.

7 Blunderbuss

The blunderbuss gets you a lot of money.

The best shooting weapon on de game.

This is easily the best shooting weapon ever. it is easier to control than the gatling gun so this should really be ahead of that one.

8 Scythe

Scythe. kills enimegos in one hit

Great weapon but it runz out really quickly

Very good, kills em in one swing, but it runs out in 2 seconds. this makes it hard to master. so if you master it then good 4 you. lord balthazar represent.

9 Pipe

It's better than you think!

Kills people really fast!

10 Flame Thrower

This weapon is good

The Contenders

11 Machine Gun

The machine gun is behind the pipe? this is a stupid list four sure

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12 Bear Claws
13 TNT

This is very overlooked but its very good

14 Fly Trap

Kills people in one or two hits

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15 Fuse Bombs

Easily the best throwing weapon.

16 Nunchucks
17 Cleaver

This was the first weapon I has mastered

18 Meat Hooks
19 Rattlesnake
20 Shotgun

This weapon needs to be in the top ten or at least top 15. so VOTE ON THIS ONE! ! ! Thank you

The shotgun gets you a lot of money

21 Boxing Gloves

This weapon is like the best punching weapon in the whole game. I've killed the most enemigoz with this weapon. more than any other weapon on both games COMBINED!

22 Machete

This one is awesome and should really be higher.

The machete is a weapon I have used for a long time!

23 Ladder Spears
24 Boomerang
25 Hatfield's pistol
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