Best Caifanes Songs

The list includes songs from their four studio albums and excludes any song from Jaguares. Have fun voting!
The Top Ten
1 Nos Vamos Juntos (El Silencio) Nos Vamos Juntos (El Silencio) Cover Art

Perhaps the most underrated Caifanes song. One of those songs that makes one feel emotion from the beginning to the end: a perfect combination of poetic content and intense music. It reflects the difficult coexistence between (some of) the band members once they became rock stars. "¡lento y salvaje como tú! "

2 La Celula Que Explota (El Diablito) La Celula Que Explota (El Diablito) Cover Art

This is their second most well-known song (only behind La Negra Tomasa). It is a brilliant mixture of rock with mariachi elements. Even though this was not the first attempt to do so, it is the most successful and influencing one within the Mexican rock scene. A true Latin American rock classic.

3 Antes de Que Nos Olviden (El Diablito) Antes de Que Nos Olviden (El Diablito) Cover Art

This one is so full of clever metaphors that days can be spent discussing what it is about. Nevertheless, it can be interpreted as an anthem against conformism. "…do not condemn the soul..." AMEN.

4 Viento (Caifanes) Viento (Caifanes) Cover Art

Undoubtedly features the most widely known and addictive bass hook of Mexican rock; by the way, played by one of the best Latin American bassists: Sabo Romo. This song is a favorite among die-hard Caifanes fans.

5 Afuera (El Nervio del Volcan) Afuera (El Nervio del Volcan) Cover Art

Yet another legendary bass hook. One of their best songs live. It was played over and over in the radio back in 1994 (and for many years). People don’t get tired of it though: it has been played tens of millions of times in Youtube.

6 La Negra Tomasa (Version Tropical) (Caifanes) La Negra Tomasa (Version Tropical) (Caifanes) Cover Art

A rock band playing cumbia? Really? Well, yes, and they did it superbly. This one was one of the iconic radio songs of the 80s in the Spanish speaking world.

7 Perdí Mi Ojo de Venado (Caifanes) Perdí Mi Ojo de Venado (Caifanes) Cover Art

Great track of their debut album. The guitar riff is by no means below the quality standard imposed by the clever and extremely original lyrics. It describes the magical consequences of losing one's deer eye amulet.

8 Metamorféame (El Silencio) Metamorféame (El Silencio) Cover Art

This is the rawest and loudest song found in their discography. It can be considered Caifanes' Helter Skelter. This is how great this song is. Perfect for slamdancing.

9 No Dejes Que... (El Silencio) No Dejes Que... (El Silencio) Cover Art

Saúl Hernández demonstrated with this one that great meaningful songs can be of the peoples’ preference. This optimistic song with catchy lyrics peaked at number one in many Latin American countries.

10 Nubes (El Silencio) Nubes (El Silencio) Cover Art

How is it this wonderful song is not even on the list.
shame on you.

The Contenders
11 Aquí No Es Así (El Nervio del Volcan) Aquí No Es Así (El Nervio del Volcan) Cover Art

Even though the structure of the song is simplistic, the guitar riff evidences Marcovich's genius. It explains to a foreign aspiring-to-be conqueror some reasons why it is tough for him/her to understand why things in Mexico are the way they are. This one is one of their greatest singles and one falls in love at first sight with it.

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