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1 Caillou's Ebolaween Twentyfourteen


Caillou picked, and picked, and picked all his boogers. He kept on eating them!

Caillou was doing crafts. But he wasn't, really. Caillou was making a mess

Caillou's big furry finger up the butt show! (or some s***! )

2 Caillou in the bath (NOT FOR KIDS)

Good job MrPoopMeister

What if a kid clicks on this video - Officialpen

3 Caillou hates small children

Daddy wasn’t happy to see Caillou shooting Rosie.

I know this sounds pretty sadistic, but I laughed when Caillou shot Rosie and how the Grandma said, "Caillou's dad wasn't very happy seeing Caillou shooting Rosie." I also found it funny when Caillou rapped to Rosie. - Murvine_Taylor

This one is hilarious

4 Caillou Loses his iPhone


5 Caillou has no friends
6 Caillou has an unhealthy obsession with his T-Shirt and yodeling

I love it when Caillou was swearing. Reminds me of Tourettes Guy.

7 Caillou is a crack whore
8 Caillou's all alone
9 Caillou's Biggest Temper Tantrum!

Silly ol car

10 Caillou F**** a Car

That one was funny and the part where Boris shot Caillou with a busuka made me think of the GoAnimate videos. (Note, I still hate GoAnimate Boris.) - Murvine_Taylor

Caillou: Hello Mr Lion!
Lion: (flips off Caillou) GO F*** YOURSELF!

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11 Caillou Gets Grounded
12 Caillou learns Number 11


13 Caillou cries too much

Edit: Ok, I found out the real plot of this YTP. Caillou is brushing his teeth and tells his dad he doesn't wanna be late for the circus. 2 hours later, his dad is driving him there, but Caillou puts on his theme song. Caillou' dad is so distracted that he doesn't notice the red light and crashes into another car. Caillou falls out and gets hurt and then he cries. An ambulance arrives and takes him to the hospital. After the trip, Caillou plays with his toy cars and bear, but then he remembers about the car crash and the circus. He starts to cry and yells at his parents that the circus was today. However, they don't take him, so Caillou smashes the toy car, blaming the real car for the accident, and then he throws a tantrum. (Sorry, that's all I watched in the YTP.)

Wait, I think he said he wants to be late for the circus...

I watched it (without my volume off, because I didn't want to hear his crying) I thought it was pretty funny. Caillou cried because he slipped and fell on the ice, threw a tantrum about the circus (it wasn't until the next day) and thought about the car accident.

14 Caillou meets Gilbert
15 Caillou is Afraid of the dark
16 Caillou is Devil Spawn

What music is it during the sex scene

17 Caillou Goes to Africa

Caillou gets attacked, and his parents leave him there and he dies. It's hilarious.

In a funny way, I can see why this is labeled as a PBS banned episode.

18 Caillou Goes Through A Faze

Poor pedohipster

19 Caillou’s Candy Cornhole Catastrophe

Best lines:

Caillou was not quite ready to go with negroes
F*** Halloween
I finished first
I gave you a window
My little pony

20 Caillou's Irrelevant Chopstick Adventure
21 Caillou's Gay Halloween Sex Orgy
22 Caillou Learns to Learn
23 Caillou Does The Brown Keyboard

Chicky chica chosen cheesy cheeses

24 Caillou Does Omegle And Gets Grounded
25 Caillou Tries Barn And Gets Grounded
26 Caillou's Horny Halloween Rapefest

Caillou: what’s the bird doing, grandpa?
Grandpa: it’s taking a s***
Caillou: come here, squirrel, I’M GOING TO RAPE YOU!

27 Caillou Smokes Weed
28 Caillou Dies by Falling Down the Stairs
29 Caillou is Afraid of Five Nights at Freddy's

Markiplier voiceovers!

30 Uolliac Attack
31 Caillou Joins the Circus
32 Caillou Randomly Explodes
33 Caillou Gets High
34 Caillou eats his grandma

I saw this one on YouTube a few months ago

35 Caillou Gets a Flu Shot

€�Incredible adventure”

36 Caillou Dies in a Red Light Running Car Crash

First ever one ever made, I think

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