Top 10 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Guns

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1 Bal 27

Even though it has been patched, I just slap this gun with a foregrip and drop people, its recoils goes straight up and is easily controllable, with fore grip its even easier, overall great damage, range, rate of fire, definitely still is an overpowered gun

The Obsidian Steed and Inferno are both great, but I think the Steed is the 2nd best gun in the game after the Insanity

Ridiculous gun. Absolutely crazy. You win a gunfight in every situation, no competition.

The Bal-27 is EXTREMELY good gun. I use both the OS and the Inferno.

2 ASM1

This gun rips through things and is super mobile, my only complaint is that it feels like you are carrying around a stick

This is super awesome and is definitely mobile if you think that speakeasy is the best... Think again. The royalty and speakeasy are the same stats so pretty much you are so lucky. Only complain is damage.

I use the ASM1 speakeasy and 6 perks and I consistently go about 40-13. This gun rules.

I think this is the best gun because I get first place almost every time with this gun


This thing wins all the gunfights and has good variants like the Average Joe, the Bear Fist, and the Insanity.

Very good gun, the fire rate is slow, but it makes up for its lack of speedy bullets in damage.

I have the insanity that's why I love it

Destroys! I have insanity with no attachments it still is OP

4 Ak 12

The combination of insane accuracy and good stopping power make this gun an ideal choice for med-long range engagments

It's a laser from mid to long range, all around-gun with surprising hip fire. At close ranges, the Bal has the edge but I prefer the Ak12 overall.

Best gun in my opinion, the BAL may seem like it fires faster, but that's a placebo effect, it actually shoots at the same rate when spun up.

If you use an Ak-12 with red dot sight, extended mags, and dual magazine you're set.

5 MP11

It has slightly above average damage. It has above average accuracy. It has a very high fire rate. Although it lacks in range and handling, it has superior mobility, which is great for someone who likes to run and gun. Kills from very close range are almost automatic. If your inside the same room with someone, you shouldn't have a problem, however roof to roof combat is very hard with this weapon due to the fact that it is very bad when it comes to range. However, there are some attachments that can counter this. Advanced Rifling gives it more range, Foregrip increases accuracy, and Stock increases the mobility even more and gives it better handling. So, my point is, this is a beast gun.

It is a good weapon its fire rate is amasing but the recoil is not that hard to control

It's almost exactly like the Vesper in BO3 but WAAAY better!

I kill with this gun like a boss. The royality edition with forrgrip and laser sight and extended mag.

6 Ameli

Underrated gun glad nobody uses it though because its bad enough having people walk around with bal-27 obsidian steeds

7 ARX-160

Hole puncher is the best gun in the game

The base gun is actually kind of bad, but the holpuncher and steel bite are some of the best guns in the game.

This weapon sucks W.E.E.N.I. E boo this is horrinle

8 Kf5

I have spanner, the other elite than the popular breakneck. This gun is ok, you almost move too fast down the sights and it does decent damage and I don't think it has very good accuracy. I've never been a huge fan but it's really too high on stats. Sometimes it's better to have lower mobility.

I just got advanced warfare and in my first three games I got 38 kills with this gun it is amazing

Gun is flipping amazing it light it has insane range it got ok damage and has great fire rate what more do you need

Kf5 is basic but the brat (HBRa3) is the best looking model. As for secondary the Grach is the best looking pistol on the game. Kf5 takes down the enemy at a 1.4 ratio so I give it the thumbs up.

9 Ohm

Great gun fun to use just really random recoil but overall I would rate a 9/10 as it's a really good heavy weapon. Those of you that are like it costs money so what if it's that good it costs money I say it's worth it and it is so I encourage you guys to buy it.

This would be a good gun if you didn't have to pay real money for it.

If you get the royalty version you don't have to pay for it

Has two modes shotgun and normal

10 IMR

My personal favorite. Loved this thing. Thermal, foregrip, and quickdraw was all I ever needed. This gun was my baby.

You can say it is the god gun of advance warfare. You just need to out a red dot site and a silencer and you will rock! But however there is one bad thing about is that it is not automatic like the campaign version.

Best gun in the game I went 45 and 0 with it

Only have to make 5 rounds of contact to kill

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11 HBRA3 Insanity

Last time I checked it is definitely the best version of the gun it has insane damage and kills super fast. Only downside is that it is hard to get.

Fun and easy to use!



12 EM1

This is honestly my favorite gun in Call of Duty advanced warfare. It has unlimited ammo, as long as you don't overheat it. This way you don't have to worry about reloading and unlike some other guns it can surprisingly kill people fast. I'm not saying that it's the best gun in advanced warfare, buts it's the one that works the best for me.

Bulky, nasty, and powerful.

Best gun in game for me

Exo survial

13 AE4

This is a awesome gun

Infinite ammo, no recoil, good damage, its like a LMG but 2x light


The MORS might be a beast of a sniper rifle, but the Silver Bullet is sure to one shot opponents.

This gun making me pro like I can do quicke scoping and filck shot this is a good gun

Mors royalty is completely OP

Best gun definitely

15 AK47

Insanely slow reload time of an AR. Bad!

I have the ak-47 grave digger and its amazing if you put quickdraw,foregrip and stock its super accurate

Best gun in the ga me. p ricks

16 SN6

This gun is extremely accurate and is by far the easiest weapon to use in the game.

Best nugg

17 Bulldog

The bulldog's range is absolutely crazy for a shotgun and also is its damage.

This gun is my personal favorite, what it lacks in really long range and rate of fire. It has a substanctual amout of fire power. I mean I could shoot someone in front of me and the end up on their ass in.3 seconds so yea when you pull the trigger all you see is their feet.

18 Sac3

Oh...the favorite gun in the game, perfect for maps with less cover and a lot of running space, like Solar. It's also a good gun for maps with multiple layers, like Terrace and Greenband, although this gun dwindles on accuracy, it's real serenity is in its firerate and it's speed. It's speed tricks a lot of enemies into a false sense of security, as Akimbos aren't often used. Fast Hands, Lightweight, Gung-Ho, and Scavenger are important and needed for its true utilization to be recognized. If your a runner and love to run around maps and exo jump everywhere, this gun should be in your arsenal.

Uh what did you say somthing

19 M16

This gun is absolute trash.

20 Lynx

If you have a Lynx with a thermal scope and extended mags, you have the best Sniper Rifle in Advanced Warfare

21 Ray Gun



22 MP40

5 bullets kill

I really want this gun but its just like the kf5 but just a small difference added to it

23 Blunderbuss

Damage I think best in game


24 AMR9
25 M1 Irons

It can take down enemies that are using primary weapons.

My girlfriend loves that it makes me practice making my fingers quicker

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