Top 10 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Guns

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21 MP40

I really want this gun but its just like the kf5 but just a small difference added to it

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22 RW1

This has amazing range for a pistol

23 Lynx
24 Ballista

I think this is the best gun for quick scoping cause it ads fast and its very pwerful with mag and laser

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25 STG 44 Smokeless

I think the stg44 is a good gun. Mid recoil,good damage and fine rate of fire. I use it as smokeless.

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26 Dragunov V 1 Comment
27 AMR9
28 M1 Irons

It can take down enemies that are using primary weapons.

29 STG44

I personally do not have this weapon however, I have faced it many times in battle and picked it up only a handful of times. This weapon can wreck my goliath at moderate range. It has moderate and controllable recoil with high damage and fire rate. The relic is a serious contender for the best weapon

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30 M1911
31 SVO
32 CEL-3 V 1 Comment
33 Atlas 20mm

Very great no scope sniper also a 1 shot, all around great.

34 Pytaek

My favorite weapon that made a return this game, great job sledgehammer

35 Famas

Famas is easily the best gun in any Call of Duty because it is so easy to kill people with add acog sight and you could snipe too

36 DSR

One of the best snipers in BO2. very OP.

37 Ray Gun
38 Tac 19

Fantastic, even better with advanced rifling and round house model

39 1911
40 Mk14
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