Top Ten Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Map Pack Maps

Call of Duty map packs like Uprising and Revolution.

The Top Ten

1 Studio

Like firing range but better

In love with studio - BrandonWilson

2 Grind
3 Magma

Such a beautiful looking map

4 Vertigo
5 Rush

Very tough choice between Studio, Hydro, Takeoff, Frost and Grind but I had to choose this! Too good. I don't know why the hell, it is never voted on my online multiplayer. - sryanbruen

Voting rush because I love it. Not number one but better than; downhill, mirage, vertigo, and magma. come on people.

Probably not THE best, but it's is much better than downhill, mirage, uplink, and better than encore. come on!

I would of voted for studio if that map wasn't played in every other lobby you join >_< it's seriously getting annoying, RUSH for the win!

6 Encore
7 Hydro
8 Uplink

Brilliant map full of fast paced action probably best on team death match because you will need some support to raid the main building. Assult rifles and SMG's are the weapons I would recommend to use. Snipers are useless. I would use middle - class killstreaks as it is quite hard to get the best ones such as the warthog and dogs and drones. - CHEESEMANGB22

9 Mirage
10 Downhill

The Contenders

11 Cove
12 Die Rise
13 Buried
14 Mob of The Dead/ Turned
15 Frost

Very simple map

16 Detour
17 Takeoff
18 Dig
19 Pod
20 Origins

Brilliant map. This map is very challenging and I love the cool effects the staff does so fun never gets boring

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