Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Maps

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21 Green Run

In Minecraft I'm building A call of duty bo2 map with a bunch of people lol

Have no idea what this is. Just searched up random stuff.

Good camping spots and easy mystery box


22 Shadows of Evil

It's kind of good because you can do stuff and it's big

This isn't even bo 2

Autism hit you huh

Really stupid.

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23 Call of the Dead

It's so fun the map is so large the Easter egg song is so cool the name is not ready to die

This map is great because there are so many glitches to find that are easy to do which can get u to like round 100000000000000000000

24 The Lightning Bow
25 Juggernaut

THE BEST MAP EVE. My friend just told me about it. Wicked good.

26 Dead Ops Arcade

This is terrible like Hotshot Raptor.

27 The Giant

There's nothing special about it. The only thing that's changed is gobble gum bo3 weapons deadshot daquiri and stamin up

28 Verruckt
29 Burger Town

Fun to do easter eggs
And fun map to explore

30 Banana Colada

Banana Colada is best map probably because of jet gun

31 The Plantation

All the zombies are black and the games called black ops what dude

This is the worst noo

32 M

I’m pretty sure this said bo2 no bo1 or bo3

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