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1 Ray Gun

The Ray gun is the best gun with damage in low and high rounds even with the splash damage plus it's the best gun to use when your running a big train because it kills more zombies than other guns said to be the best ( RPD), ( hammer), (mustang and Sally).

By far the best gun not only black ops zombies but the best in the black ops series. Better than the ray gun mark II (black ops 2 vengence pack)

Love this thing so much it is op as crap but don't try hitting the head everything but the head will give you instant kills promised and granted

This gun is great,when me and my brothers play we use the ray gun all the time.

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2 Ray Gun Mark ll

This Wonder Weapon is great. The only thing is that when you are using it when there's only one zombie, and you shoot it, the 3-round burst kinda wastes ammo. That is the only downside, though. Otherwise, this thing is literally THE BOSS. When my friends and I are playing and one of us gets it, the rest of us really jealous, and literally just hate him for the rest of the round. Would recommend Pack-a-Punching it. That really 'packs a punch! '

This gun has like no kick at all, and is better than the ray gun because it has no splash damage! It's like a ray gun but in bullet form. This should be in the top 5!

When I get the ray gun I go HUH! A RAY GUN! But When I get a ray gun mark 2 I go A RAY GUN MARK 2! THE BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME! Ray gun mark 2 is the best

Have you seen the headshot multipliers? This thing is almost overpowered when everyone gets it, while the ray gun struggles on low rounds,20s-30s, the mark 2 still puts in work.

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3 Galil

My favorite. Decent ammo good reload time good packed good damage great for head shots. This and a ray gun mark 2 and your set

Great for taking down zombies at long ranges

Insane accuracy and great damage just rips through the zombies more than a match for the overrated an 94

Love this gun. It always gets me out of a jam.

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4 Sliquifier

The Sliquifier is a weapon you have build by looking for parts around the area in the zombies map Die Rise in the Revolution map pack. - Worm551

Pretty good weapon for something made out of junk. It is almost like a Macgyver type invention. - AirwolfKITT

Pre patch this could kill one round in one shot

This is, without a doubt, the best wonder weapon in bo2. All the wonder weapons Had different drop off rates. The sliqifier has the 2nd highest one shot round, behind the ice staff upgraded, at round 100. This thing not only kills zombies more effeicently than the ice staff or any weapon in bo2 for that matter, but also has so much ammo. Having to charge up and shoot 6 shots at a time to kills zombies on this round with the ice staff, you technicly only have 15 shots. The sliqifier quadrupole s that with 60 shots. This is hands down win for the best wonder weapon in bo2.

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This thing kicks butt when normal, kicks even more butt when Pack-a-Punched. So good. 10/10. Only thing is that it takes butt time to reload when you're in a sticky situation. Thing is really good, even at Round 27, which is the highest I've gotten. Would definitely recommend.

Does lots of damage, decent accuracy, larger clip, plenty ammo, but it does have slow reload. Overall the best

I love the HAMR when I'm in a pinch cause it can just burn right through the zombie groups!

No it has so much recoil I feel like I'm gonna do a backflip when I shoot it

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6 AN-94

It's a completely awesome weapon first of all. And, on top of that, it's a wall weapon, which means you can buy ammo. - AirwolfKITT

Galil has better accuracy and same damage as An 94 however An 94 has more ammo but Galil is still better. I haven't even started on the headshot multiplier on Galil.

Just as good as the galil except you practically have infinite ammo

Wall weapon with LMG-esque ammo. What else is there to say? It's able to go far longer without Max Ammos than the Galil simply due to being a wall buy, plus the maximum ammunition capacity PaP'd with this bad boy will net a noticable amount of money surpassing the ammo cost from the wall PaP'd, assuming you hit all bullets even if none of the zeds die. A simple difference to this gun- the wallbuy- that simply makes it surpass the overloved Galil. Much easier to handle than SVU-AS, too, leaving lots more space for error than the scoped sniper rifle that can be relatively punishing if you mess up.

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7 PDW-57

Thus is the best Call of Duty bo2 weapon of all time on multiply player and adding it zombies makes it the vest submachine gun in the whole game

Swimming in points when I use this thing on buried. Who needs the bank when you have the point gun itself

Nah. The Chicomb QCB or the FAL is so much more of a headshot machine

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8 Deez Nutz **No

Best weapon of all time

Best thing ever

Best gun ever

Yes for sure

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9 Porter's X2 Ray gun

The regular Ray gun is not that much different, when you pack the Ray gun it just turns the Ray red and gives more ammo green looks better to.

It sends the ray gun to the graveyard.

Pack a punched ray gun twice as good as normal ray gun!

R u joking! If regular ray gun is #1, than why is the pack a punched version #8! That's a serious neck

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10 AK74u

This most cerenly good because I have used it. Also low mag size but that should not be a problem

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11 L-SAT

Ok, the L-sat isn't the best lmg in the game but for real, its solid, its powerful and its ammo is perfect, you use double speed and jug for safty and your unstopable, if you want to be safe forever though throw on a electric cherry.

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12 Paralyzer

The zombies are too much fast you, slow them with the paralyze! Only 950 from the mystery box.

Great for getting out of sticky situations

No stop sings speed limits nothing is gonna slow me down... What about the paralyzer?
Zombies are getting to fast slow them down with the paralyzer only 950 from the mystery box

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13 Bowie Knife

I disagree, the galvaknuckles punch faster and are actually easier to find. They stop zombies exploding so you don't take unnecessary damage.

This knife is let alone easy to find in tranzit but holds so much power when it comes to alited zombies and fog monkeys

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14 RPD

Whoever did not think of this is stupid. This has TONS of ammo and with Speed Cola, it kicks ass.

This gun is legit perfect for high rounds.

Its an epic gun because it has tonnes of ammo and the fire rate is amazing plus when pack a puched with double tap and speed cola it dishes out the pain also is good for sprayind especiaolly with insta kill and double points

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15 Fire Staff

This staff is way better than the wind staff but around the same power as the bad-ass bowie knife. This staff is amazing.

I set fire to the rain with this weapon

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16 Mp5

Awesome point builder if it didn't a low ammo count I would argue it better than the ppsh

Best gun for gaining points in early rounds. Could use more ammo though.

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17 Semtex
18 Wind Staff

The ultimate wind staff charged shot will kill any zombies within its radius. It completely puts the others to shame

I think the wind staff is awesome better than any other staff

My favorite weapon is the wind staff

19 Death Machine

It may slow you down a take time to reload but this gun has has a high rate of fire which I like! It's easy to kill Brutus with also I love the noise it makes when you are firing it!

Seriously?!? This is the best gun in Black Ops 2 it may have really slow time to reload but it has awesome damage and I say its useful up to round maybe 100

Whoops. Did I accidentally shoot you with the Death Machine? Bet that hurt...

Death machine is the best even now it slows you down ray gun mark two sucks

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20 SVU-as

Mid 40's it still 1 shots to the head, making it the most powerful non wonder weapon in all of zombies. And yes, puts the ray gun in zombies

Actually sorry, after trying it out, it's been instagib headshot past round 55 (highest I've gotten) with double tap.

One hit headshot up till round 35ish and bullets can go through zombies. Good for getting the deadshot daiquiri permaperk.

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