Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Weapons

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1 Ray Gun

I love Ray Gun. This Weapon to easy killing Zombies. COD : Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 .

Five Seven is Perfect weapon to destroy all Zombies. One Shot, One Kill, Finished all!

Best weapon for killing Zombies is sub machine gun.PDW 57 with large magazines.

MP7 is the best weapon for killing Zombies. Fast movement and reloading time .

2 Ray Gun Mark ll

This Wonder Weapon is great. The only thing is that when you are using it when there's only one zombie, and you shoot it, the 3-round burst kinda wastes ammo. That is the only downside, though. Otherwise, this thing is literally THE BOSS. When my friends and I are playing and one of us gets it, the rest of us really jealous, and literally just hate him for the rest of the round. Would recommend Pack-a-Punching it. That really 'packs a punch! '

This deserves top spot definitely. It's so incredibly clutch.

Absolutely inanity! also use logic: mark 2 is better than mark 1 because why would you make another one in the first place if its not as strong?

This gun has like no kick at all, and is better than the ray gun because it has no splash damage! It's like a ray gun but in bullet form. This should be in the top 5!

3 Galil

Better than the Ray Gun in my opinion. This gun has absolutely no recoil whatsoever and I thinks more fun to use than the Ray Gun. The hit detection on the Ray Gun is sometimes trash and it feels downgraded when pack-a-punched, unlike the Galil. This is definitely the best weapon in the game.

Galil is best weapon for Zombies on COD Black Ops 2 to survive waves of Hardened type mode. That’s my opinion.

It is my 2nd favorite packed my first is ham me that is main class gaLil and hammer monkeys semtex grenades it really works in high rounds for town go to the dead corner and open the door where jug is and sit in the corner down stairs if it is too many zombies run upstairs then jump out the window when safe to do so

My favourite gun by far. It is easy to be accurate with, fast firing rate, good amount of ammo and when pack a punched you get even more ammo which is great. I'd always use this ahead of any other gun


Best of all guns, tons of damage delt and esily controlled recoil.No spash damagelike in the ray gun and still effective in later rounds. The quick recharge also make it better than the RPD.

Though the ray guns are great due to their large ammo capacity and effective insta-kill until round thirty*, the HAMR has a large(er) ammo capacity and is nearly unstoppable with speed reload and double tap as long as you're lucky and the "Max Ammo"'s keep coming. (not to mention practical immortality while actual insta-kill is up)
*if you somehow still have ammo by then

This thing kicks butt when normal, kicks even more butt when Pack-a-Punched. So good. 10/10. Only thing is that it takes butt time to reload when you're in a sticky situation. Thing is really good, even at Round 27, which is the highest I've gotten. Would definitely recommend.

Pack a punched is op with much ammo, great power. GREAT FOR KILLING BIG GROUPS OF ZOMBIES!

5 Sliquifier

The Sliquifier is a weapon you have build by looking for parts around the area in the zombies map Die Rise in the Revolution map pack.

Pretty good weapon for something made out of junk. It is almost like a Macgyver type invention.

Pre patch this could kill one round in one shot

The best buildable ever

6 AN-94

Galil has better accuracy and same damage as An 94 however An 94 has more ammo but Galil is still better. I haven't even started on the headshot multiplier on Galil.

It's a completely awesome weapon first of all. And, on top of that, it's a wall weapon, which means you can buy ammo.

Just as good as the galil except you practically have infinite ammo

Awesome weapon it's the best rapid fire gun in the game

7 PDW-57

All I say about PDW-57 is a rare weapon for Spec Ops Zombies Survival In Single (alone) waves of Zombies. Harden

Thus is the best Call of Duty bo2 weapon of all time on multiply player and adding it zombies makes it the vest submachine gun in the whole game

Swimming in points when I use this thing on buried. Who needs the bank when you have the point gun itself

Good for point building due to big mag and not so much damage

8 Porter's X2 Ray gun

The regular Ray gun is not that much different, when you pack the Ray gun it just turns the Ray red and gives more ammo green looks better to.

It sends the ray gun to the graveyard.

The more the ammo the better

It's still good with a lot more ammo and same damage


Best weapon for Zombies are Mark 2 with fast reloading in about 3 seconds . Call of Duty World at War Raygun .

Best Light Machine Gun to kill the Zombies in 3 seconds!

Good for getting points

Great fire rate

10 Deez Nutz **No

Best weapon of all time

My nutz is th best gun

Number one for me

Penis in my butt

The Contenders

11 Paralyzer

The zombies are too much fast you, slow them with the paralyze! Only 950 from the mystery box.

WHAT THE HELL it is the best it should be 1st not 11th

If you need to get out of a huge herd of zombies just look down and fly upwards so fun to not have to use leroy!

Great for getting out of sticky situations

12 AK74u

This most cerenly good because I have used it. Also low mag size but that should not be a problem

Best weapon ever but low mag thogh

Best gun to get headshots

In bo2 it's called ak74fu and in bo3 it is ak74fu2

13 RPD

Best gun in my opinion. I try for this and the hamr or the python

Whoever did not think of this is stupid. This has TONS of ammo and with Speed Cola, it kicks ass.

Best gun ever no other words need to be said

This gun is legit perfect for high rounds.

14 Bowie Knife

I disagree, the galvaknuckles punch faster and are actually easier to find. They stop zombies exploding so you don't take unnecessary damage.

This knife is let alone easy to find in tranzit but holds so much power when it comes to alited zombies and fog monkeys

15 Fire Staff

This staff is way better than the wind staff but around the same power as the bad-ass bowie knife. This staff is amazing.

I set fire to the zombies

I set fire to the rain with this weapon

16 Death Machine

It may slow you down a take time to reload but this gun has has a high rate of fire which I like! It's easy to kill Brutus with also I love the noise it makes when you are firing it!

Seriously?!? This is the best gun in Black Ops 2 it may have really slow time to reload but it has awesome damage and I say its useful up to round maybe 100

Whoops. Did I accidentally shoot you with the Death Machine? Bet that hurt...

Death machine is the best even now it slows you down ray gun mark two sucks

17 Wind Staff

The ultimate wind staff charged shot will kill any zombies within its radius. It completely puts the others to shame

I think the wind staff is awesome better than any other staff

My favorite weapon is the wind staff

18 Python

If you pack a punch with dual five seven and speed cola it's better than having the ray gun

1shot until round 25 with out double and pack come on

This gun is op

12 shots in a clip speed reload tells almost all of it

19 Semtex

I think it is good to stick a semtex and have it stuck there than a granade that rolls around

Good G nade

20 Mp5

Awesome point builder if it didn't a low ammo count I would argue it better than the ppsh

Best gun for gaining points in early rounds. Could use more ammo though.

Filthy af but ammo makes this gun a piece of sh**


21 SVU-as

Mid 40's it still 1 shots to the head, making it the most powerful non wonder weapon in all of zombies. And yes, puts the ray gun in zombies

Good online because of point multiplier

Very direct. Good for headshots only mode.

Buried sniper permaperk

22 Executioner

I find that this gun is the best because when you pack a punch it it's better then the ray gun

Voice of justice with long barrel absolute beast of a gun

Just the best. Really high damage

Dude this is literally the best pistol in the game even though the ammo is a bit trash this gun works untill round 30 with double tap


My Best Weapon to Zapped all the Zombies is SMAW (Bazooka) and M27 smg has good accuracy and rapid reloading.

MTAR is probably my favorite weapon. If I get it and an RPD/HAMR, I'm pretty much set to go to at least Round 25.

24 Mustang and Sally

Amazing to see how the m1911 is so bad originally until you pack a punch it, turns into one of if not the best, especially for trains. Double Tap and Speed Cola makes it an absolute monster

Bruh this can clear a full train of zombies with a well placed middle shot, this should be first not 29!

Great for getting out of a corner if you have PHD Flopper.

Last Place

25 Claymore

My Best Weapon is 64 manual detonator fuse to set off an a explosive charge. Quick easy!

Bro dis not even a gun bro

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