Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Weapons


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21 Python

This gun is op

Python is useful it should be number 5

That is beast when pack a punched

Great gun but bad agenst groups. How ever very high fire rate per shot damage and DPS (damage per second)

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22 Claymore

MTAR is probably my favorite weapon. If I get it and an RPD/HAMR, I'm pretty much set to go to at least Round 25.

24 Dead Specimen Reactor 5000
25 Zeus Cannon

Pack-a-Punched Thundergun is twice as unstopable as the Thundergun. If you are cornered you have a way out. Capable of blasting 20 zombies in one shot.

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26 Executioner

I find that this gun is the best because when you pack a punch it it's better then the ray gun

Voice of justice with long barrel absolute beast of a gun

Just the best. Really high damage

The pythons lesser brother and rivel

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27 DSR 50

This is an amazing gun. When it is pack-a-punched, it is a one shot body shot up to round 27-30, and round 20 without pack-a-punch. When pack-a-punched, it is also a one shot headshot in the 40s.

I always get this dsr packa punched with iron sight for zombies mode along with the svu as also packa punched and paralyzer again upgraded I have got as far as round 76 with these guns and could have gone further but I gave up

Pack a punch it, get speed cola, get doubletap, and get ironsights and this is just a beast. Ironsights are clean, and its faster to aim with than the scope.

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28 Scar-H
29 Vitriolic Withering

It blows my mind

This thing is part of the mob of the dead combo speed cola,shield,electric cherry,jug,and this thing

30 SMR

This is literally a huge piece of crap

Best Weapon In The Game Hands Down. Great Iron Sights. Amazing Rate Of Fire. One Of The Best PAP'd Weapons. When I Get This In The Box In Black Ops 2 I Instantly PAP It. This Is What Makes Zombies Great.

Best gun in the game

31 Jet Gun V 1 Comment
32 Thunder Gun

Black Ops 1 idiot! But other than that, best weapon since I only play Kino Der Untoten

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33 Ultimate Ice Staff

It can kill an entire horde in one shot! You will love it, well I do.

By far the best weapon in BO2 zombies

Best weapon in the game. By far! - Tokari49

SMR is higher than this
I've lost all faith in hummanity

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34 Skorpion V 1 Comment
35 M27
36 Ballistic Knife

Best weapon in my opinion cause u can revive people by shooting them after you have p-a-p.

First of all, y would u wanna pap it! Second of all, all it's good 4 is knifing!

37 Reznov's Revenge
38 Mustang and Sally V 2 Comments
39 Revolver

Definitely a good gun until round 20. One shot kill until 30 with double tap. With jugg, double tap, and speed cola, your set until round 50. Oh, and pack-a-punched it helps a lot.

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40 Five Seven

This gun gets you killed 30 plus this is one of the best it gets you head shots like a boss one of my favorite guns

Five Sevens are my favorite pistol and if you get the Dual Weild they're even better. Especially 'Pack a Punch'd as Ultra & Violet.

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