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21 SVU-as

Mid 40's it still 1 shots to the head, making it the most powerful non wonder weapon in all of zombies. And yes, puts the ray gun in zombies

Good online because of point multiplier

Very direct. Good for headshots only mode.

Buried sniper permaperk

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22 Claymore

MTAR is probably my favorite weapon. If I get it and an RPD/HAMR, I'm pretty much set to go to at least Round 25.

24 Executioner

I find that this gun is the best because when you pack a punch it it's better then the ray gun

Voice of justice with long barrel absolute beast of a gun

Just the best. Really high damage

The pythons lesser brother and rivel

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25 DSR 50

This is an amazing gun. When it is pack-a-punched, it is a one shot body shot up to round 27-30, and round 20 without pack-a-punch. When pack-a-punched, it is also a one shot headshot in the 40s.

I always get this dsr packa punched with iron sight for zombies mode along with the svu as also packa punched and paralyzer again upgraded I have got as far as round 76 with these guns and could have gone further but I gave up

Pack a punch it, get speed cola, get doubletap, and get ironsights and this is just a beast. Ironsights are clean, and its faster to aim with than the scope.

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26 Scar-H

It's so good and special

27 Dead Specimen Reactor 5000
28 SMR

This is literally a huge piece of crap

Best Weapon In The Game Hands Down. Great Iron Sights. Amazing Rate Of Fire. One Of The Best PAP'd Weapons. When I Get This In The Box In Black Ops 2 I Instantly PAP It. This Is What Makes Zombies Great.

Best gun in the game

29 Zeus Cannon

Pack-a-Punched Thundergun is twice as unstopable as the Thundergun. If you are cornered you have a way out. Capable of blasting 20 zombies in one shot.

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30 Skorpion V 1 Comment
31 Thunder Gun

Black Ops 1 idiot! But other than that, best weapon since I only play Kino Der Untoten

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32 Vitriolic Withering

It blows my mind

This thing is part of the mob of the dead combo speed cola,shield,electric cherry,jug,and this thing

33 Ultimate Ice Staff

It can kill an entire horde in one shot! You will love it, well I do.

By far the best weapon in BO2 zombies

Best weapon in the game. By far! - Tokari49

SMR is higher than this
I've lost all faith in hummanity

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34 Jet Gun V 1 Comment
35 M27

All around good gun. Used to be in tranzit but rven in nuketown good for killing zombies while getting points. Pap mystifier my favorite gun so good so. Hot

36 Mustang and Sally V 2 Comments
37 Ballistic Knife

Best weapon in my opinion cause u can revive people by shooting them after you have p-a-p.

First of all, y would u wanna pap it! Second of all, all it's good 4 is knifing!

38 Reznov's Revenge
39 Revolver

Definitely a good gun until round 20. One shot kill until 30 with double tap. With jugg, double tap, and speed cola, your set until round 50. Oh, and pack-a-punched it helps a lot.

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40 Five Seven

This gun gets you killed 30 plus this is one of the best it gets you head shots like a boss one of my favorite guns

Five Sevens are my favorite pistol and if you get the Dual Weild they're even better. Especially 'Pack a Punch'd as Ultra & Violet.

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