Top Ten Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Wonder Weapons

Here I present to you the best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Wonder Weapons.

The Top Ten

1 Ice Staff

Freezes enemies in a high radius for around 7 seconds. It also has extremely high damage and guarantees you to get to a high round. - swizzo

I agree BUT this thing is absolute crap if you panic and shoot quick you will most likely die. I thing that the the others are better.

2 Paralyzer

Stops zombies in their place and blows them up. The gun has absolutely no ammo, so it's basically infinite of use. But if you use it for quite a while nonstop, it will overheat and will need to recharge. - swizzo

Great weapon some say that it is a nooby weapon but if your going for high rounds I wouldn't count this as a nooby weapon because it is not a glitch so the world record would still count so I think it is great.

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3 Blundergat

Good but I think that the vitriolic withering is a better way to go, they are both different but they are both good panic weapons. The vitriolic withering is always a good panic weapon though because it acts like a monkey bomb.

Most likely the most powerful one-shot weapon ever made. The only problem is, it doesn't have too much ammo. And it has a little bit of an annoying recoil affect. - swizzo

Acid gat pap should be nr2 but then again al the noobs vote for the paralyzer - Tokari49

4 Sliquifier

When shot, the goo will stick to the ground for around 15 seconds, allowing zombies to slip onto it and die shortly after slipping on it. - swizzo

Good and can kill a whole train but isn't really a great panic weapon because its pretty slow killing

5 Ray Gun Mark II

This gun is a triple-burst, and has the same amount of ammo as the Mark I. The only issue is, is that it doesn't really reach the intended target most of the time. - swizzo

The only problem I had with it was that is three round burst but other than that this gun is so awesome

It is soon good
It takes out panzersoldat and brutus out in ONE SHOT

6 Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is powerful, and doesn't take away any of your stamina, which is very good for high rounds. It also has a very decent amount of ammo. - swizzo

Great gun better than the mark 2 because uses less ammo and in my opinion is more powerful per 1 ammo used.

7 Acidgat

Good but mainly when upgraded to vitriolic withering, because with the vitriolic withering it kills most of the zombies and acts like a monkey bomb.

Very similar to the Ray Gun Mark II, except it has less ammo. Overall, it does have a very good amount of damage dealt when firing, and has a splash effect. - swizzo

Definitely the nr2 weapon on this list if these nooby people wouldn't all vote for the raygun - Tokari49

8 Jet Gun

This gun takes 20 years to build and once you build it brakes after 20 seconds this gun is so bad but I'm not surprised its from the same people who made transh*t

This thing is crappy as hell, wait let me refrase that, this gun is great, BUT you can only use it for 20 seconds and then it breaks and you have to get the parts again. This gun also takes forever to make.

This gun is always an instakill, it also has infinite uses just like the Paralyzer. Except you have to stand near the targets in order to kill, and it's a very heavy weapon. - swizzo

9 Death Machine

Great, when you get trapped you just take out the death machine and it kill the zombies almost instantly but the only problem is that it is very heavy and isn't good to be holding out 24/7 but a good gun though.

The Death Machine has the highest amount of ammo possible in a gun unpackapunched (700). Although, it is also the heaviest weapon in the game, which is very hard to deal with. - swizzo

10 Thunder Staff

The Thunder Staff is a good weapon, sort of like the Wunderwaffe. It does reduce stamina quite a bit though. - swizzo

Great, honestly my favorite staff and is a great panic weapon just shoot like crazy and youll most likely be safe.

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