Top Ten Call of Duty: Black Ops Killstreaks

The Top Ten

1 Attack Dogs

It's so awesome when I get this, I keep seeing kills added on my screen.

Its hard to get but once you get it lets just say the kills will role in like never before.

They may be hard to get, but these beasts will hunt you down!

Good for flushing out snipers and campers from hard to reach spots

2 Chopper Gunner

Much easier to get than the gunship or attack dogs and causes huge amounts of devastation and you can get lodes of kills with it. The only downside is it is only really good if it is used on open maps whereas dogs can be used everywhere. - CHEESEMANGB22

very simalar to the gunship but you can focus more on shooting, with the gunship you have to also drive the ship - dylan1321721

402thunder402's Chopper Gunner Song - pratham2025

Is the best kill streak ever

3 Gunship

The Mi-24 Hind is awesome attack helicopter

Hard to get but it's fun to drive the helicopter and wreck everything in the way. You accually do some thing. With digs you just get kills with the ship you get destruction

2nd most fun along with the VTOL warship

Technicly the only vehi9cle you get to drive in call of duty multiplayer history

4 Blackbird

In team deathmatch this will allow you to wipe out your enemy team

While the attack dogs and the gunship actually kills peopel, the black bird assits your ENTIRE team! While the black bird is watching from the sky the enemy team can't hide, every one on the opposite team knows exaxly where you are. - bigblackdragon

Truly an excellent kill streak assisting evryone on your team. Even though it doesn't stay up as long as a spy plane you can't shoot it down and it shows precisely where the enemy and in which direction they're looking.

So useful it's unbelievable.

5 Attack Helicopter

Easy to get and keeps the kills rolling

6 Rolling Thunder

Nuke town. Send this baby in between the bus and moving truck where the actions at and. Say hello to so many kills.

On a small map it kills everyone, including yourself sometimes so get to cover!

7 Napalm Strike

Very powerful on Nuketown or Summit. Should be closer to the top next to attack dogs or Gunship. - DeadlyKhan

if you're at nuketown it powns

For being such a low kill killstreaks, it definitely did work. 5 kills could possibly harness another 5, if it was placed correctly.

8 Mortar Team

Mortar is very useful in deffence or choking targets at a place continous kills

9 Sentry Gun

So easy to hold down flags/headquarters' or cover your back when sniping, or deny an enemy access to a spot... It's very versatile. Not only that, but it comes cheap!

10 Care Package

The Contenders

11 Valkyrie Rockets

I don't not believe that this is in any way a good killstreaks. Should never be used, unless you want to lose.

12 Spy Plane

For me the spy plane is the number 1 all mighty killstreak. It is easy to get but also easy to shoot down, however, almost very match will be littered with spy planes. It shows people on the minimap, it keeps up the fast paced action, awesome killstreak

13 RC-XD

You can ride around the map and kill people. When there are more than one you can get multi kill. Awesome weapon.

Your friend can put a C4 on the rcxd so they can get a kill and you can get one to. You can throw on the electick stick, bouncing betty.

14 Control Car

I think it deserves at list a name

15 Counter Spy Plane
16 UAV Recon

Maybe 3 millstream but most useful for being a team player

17 Trinity Rocket

Pretty good but you don't get enough time to shoot properly

18 Mothership
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