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21 Ballistic Knife

Its very good because I had 11 killstreak with it on jungle, when I was only knifing

I am really good against my really good cousin but I beat him badly

It can kill with only one shot and you can recover the blade to use it again

Good when it's pap

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22 Monkey Bomb

You get time to run from zombies but don't affect hounds. You get it from mystery box only.

23 SPAS 12

I played BO1 for 35 online days and this way by far my favourite weapon. Unstoppable with steady aim, ghost and hacker.

The best shotgun semi-automatic high damage and great for close quarter

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24 Spectre

The spectre is crazy good with the rapid fire attachment and scavenger I say it should easily be number 7

similar too the MPL just a little worst combat performance in my opinion. - bigblackdragon

tiger camo, rapid fire and this gun mercs all

Amazing with Silencer

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25 Stakeout

this shot gun is a pump action an can blow holes in anything good on multiplayer even better on zombies

Manly gun. Wiht steady aim pro. Can point the gun at someone and still kill them with a single shot! Marathon pro is good too, so you can get near the target fast

This shot gun is the bomb in my opinion I am that's shot guns master and it is good with a python as well I think that it is 1 right to the olimpia

1 shot kill and good for range, can it get any better

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26 PPSh-41

Best weapon in Call of Duty history it's a buzzsaw! - stoner69

This should be #1

Ppsh 41 has most speed and accuaracy inthe game

27 Skorpion

Dual wield scorpions own almost any person that crosses your path close range. Easily one of the strongest up close and personal weapons. If you put steady aim on with this class, it can kill medium to long range. I have personally made it a goal to have my combat record show this as my favorite gun, and achieved it... Over 13000 kills with it. I play as a rusher, and using the dual wield class on maps like firing range, summit, or nuketown I can get dogs on a regular basis. Amazing weapon.. How often do you see it as a favorite weapon? Got some bragging rights.

Great for small distant fights. I recommend it with dual wield. The problem is that it will suck for any fight over 15-20 yards. - yakorde

Should be in the top 5. Amazing gun with Dual Wield and Grip

How do you get dual weil skorpians I can't find it - stoner69

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28 MP5

small weapon does serious damage at close range

29 Wunderwaffe

There is no wander waffle in Call of Duty bo

Iv'e Seen It On The Game. Multiplayer In Fact Zombies KIA Something Something Map

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30 Winter's Howl

This gun is beast mode it's the best like in zombies would you rather have famas or Gali

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31 Kiparis

This Gun is simply great with Extended mag and Grip! That combo and because of the really good range (8 bars) It can easily be named as one of the best smg's in the game!

With rapid fire and grip, I kid u not this fun will tear anybody apart, even better then the AK74U! 2 drawbacks are 1) Runs out of ammo to fast so youll have to try and pic up a second gun from a dead body and rely on the fully auto pistol as your secondary. 2) if u miss your target your dead.

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32 STG-44
33 Calamity

Good gun to pair with second chance as your already used to repeatedly pulling the trigger rather than holding it, it also has excellent damage with 1 shot kill in hardcore, the sights are attractive as well (for me anyway).

Good single shot for long distance

Get red dot sight on this and you'll own a lot of people :)
I really like this gun and I hope other people also like it too

This is a good g un. v irgil is a wrong.

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35 Claymore

Very good equipment in black ops if your in a hiding place you should place it!

36 PM63

Its such a good gun if you like to light run, aim fast and a have a low recoil rapid fire deadly damage gun.

This is one good gun that people use loads of people love this gun - ash34cool

How is this gun not on the list!

its quick to unlock
low recoil
easy-to-use iron sights
VERY rapid fire
looks cool and great emblem position
and it DOMINATES with scavenger

and if that don't convince you look at this.

pm63 famas
k/d 5.15 k/d 2.00


37 China Lake

Awesome but should have more bullets

38 Sten

There is no sten...

This thing got me to level 50! it does more damage then the ak74u and you can dual wield it! - CODcaker45

39 Tomahawk

Some amazing stuff, instant kill and faster throw than aim with your weapon, but some experience is needed.

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40 Semtex

Amazing grenade. Just throw it randomly and your bound to get a kill! Especially on small maps like Nuketown. It also sticks to your enemy.

It is so good for instant kills just equip with ninja pro and I just love them

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