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21 Call of Duty: Final Stand
22 Call of Duty: Combined Forces
23 Call of Duty: Halo

A mix of halo and Call of Duty would be pretty cool

What? I don't understand

24 Call of Duty vs Doom
25 Call of Duty: The Great War

With the disappointment of the Black Ops series, Treyarch could redeem themselves by making a great prequel to Call of Duty World at War.

Basically a World War One game. In one part of the campaign, you play as the Americans in trench warfare fighting in France. On the other side you play as a young Victor Reznov, and his father who is going through the events of the Russian Revolution

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26 Call of Duty: Future Warfare

This has already been made! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Black ops 2

27 Call of Duty: Canada Destiny
28 Call of Duty & Crash Bandicoot
29 Call of Duty x Conker
30 Call of Duty: Battle for Canada
31 Call of Duty X
32 Call of Duty: Old Fashioned Warfare
33 Call of Duty: Mexican Drug War

Like breaking bad or something?

34 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Origins Trilogy

A trilogy set around the events of the Modern Warfare series. The games would be set before Call of Duty 4 and in between Modern Warfare 1 & 2. The first two games could explore more about Imran Zakhaev and his son, Price and Gaz, Captain McMillan, and it could tell the story around recent historical conflicts like Mogadishu, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The last game in the trilogy could take place in the five-year gap between Modern Warfare 1&2. It could tell the origins of Task Force 141 and General Shepherd and could follow Price in the Gulag

35 Call of Duty: Ghosts 2

I really wanted to know what happened to Logan

36 Call of Duty 1066

British battle of Hastings in a Call of Duty game with bows!

37 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

AW had a good campaign I thought, and good multiplayer. This would be a good idea

38 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2

Good idea, good campaign with the first one. Maybe the multiplayer maps can be better on AW2

39 Call of Duty ISIS: Fall of Freedom
40 Call of Duty: Korea

Even though it's the "forgotten war" I think it would be great. Setting in South Korea, playing as an American soldier fighting North Korean forces, pushing them back all the way to the border. Then China gets involved and pushes us back. It would be a good game.

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