Best Call of Duty: Ghosts Weapon Classes

The Top Ten

1 Assault Rifles


Which will be best the ARX160 or SC2010

AXR-160. Three attachment. VRM SIGHT/muzzle break/foregrip. Steady aim/quick draw/dead silent. Useful in all mode core, hardcore and Call of Duty esport

My opinion is the Maverick with grip and flash suppresor *-*

2 Marksman Rifles

Extreme accuracy and potential to get 1-hit kills. Nothing can compare to it.

Its new so of course I'm voting - samuelhorvat

Pretty good guns if you ask me

Which one is the best it was never said

3 Submachine Guns

Cbjms is much better

Matr-x is the best sub. If you want to be mobile and close use cbj-Ms both great guns

4 Sniper Rifles

L115 all the way

5 Light Machine Guns

They are op if you are good at using them

Like he said op if you use them with the right perks and attachments

6 Shotguns
7 Launchers

Only noobs use these -CaptainRandom22

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