Best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Killstreak Rewards


The Top Ten

1 Tactical Nuke - 25 Kills

Good nuking... But hard to achieve, because of its high kills that are needed. It's fun to flick the switch, and the blinding light and to laugh at people's faces.

2 Chopper Gunner - 11 Kills

The chopper gunner is awesome because you don't need a lot of kills to get it, its easier and less complicated to use than the AC-130 and also you get the most kills with it and not end the game so you can still get more kills after it has ended. Also tactical nuke is too hard to get so it shouldn't be first, it should be third and emergancy airdrop should be second.

3 AC-130 - 11 Kills

The angel of death rains hell on all who are in the sights of this monstrous beast. Beware because once you are sighted, just hope that someone will eventually dind the remains of you.

4 Emergency Airdrop - 8 Kills

Really good killstreak reward. It's pretty much Care Package x4 - DeadlyKhan

5 Pave Low - 9 Kills
6 Predator Missile - 5 Kills

If you get this killstreak, it will simply lead you to the Harrier Strike and then an even more powerful killstreak such as the Pave Low, AC-130 or the Chopper Gunner.

7 EMP - 15 Kills
8 Harrier Strike - 7 Kills
9 Care Package - 4 Kills
10 Stealth Bomber - 9 Kills
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