Best Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Wonder Weapons

The Top Ten Best Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Wonder Weapons

1 Thunder Gun

This is my all time favorite weapon in zombies. It can kill giant hordes of the undead in one hit. Runs out of amp real fast so it should be pack and punched for long term use.

It is literally impossible to get downed when this gun is in your hands. Plus, how much fun is it to see two dozen zombies go flying backwards at once?

Why the heck isn't Thunder gun at the first place? Everybody who has Black Ops knows it's the best!

Can kill all 24 zombies on the map if they aren't too far away. Excellent for getting out of a pinch.

2 Wave Gun

The thunder gun and wunderwaffe's out come child

Beast, blows zombies away

Frys all zombies it contacts. And it has the zap guns for single zombies. So you get two guns for the price of one.

3 Wunderwaffe

Haha, z wonder waffle

Would be higher on the list if it didn't strip away your juggernog, but it fries the zombies on any round.

Hurray! I love the zappy wonder waffle! WUNDERWAFFE DG-2 (DG=Die Glocke, or, the bell) - Pokebro2001

The wanderwaffle dg-2 is awesome it can kill 20 zombies one hit
40 when pack. A punched here is my top 5 list is
1. Wanderwaffle dg-2 2. Ray gun 3. Thunder gun 4. Wave gun
5. Monkey bomb

4 31-79 JGb215

The most fun gun yet. Shrinking down Z's into baby's allowing for any damage to kill them.

Yep my personal favorite of them all next to the mark 2

5 Ray Gun Mark II

Better than ray gun

It's 3x the raygun and there's no splash

6 Scavenger

A very fun gun, for a very fun map. Allowing you to pick of zombies and Romero with ease.

7 Sliquifier

Very comical when a Z falls and explodes, just make sure you don't slip anywhere

Instant kill past round 50 and can take a whole train with one shot what plus its free what moredo you want from a wonder weapon?

This is aw3som! It's like the wonderwaffle of blops 2

8 Ray Gun

The original and in my opinion the best. Ignore those that try to tell you that it's overrated because I can confidently say from personal experience in all three Call of Duty games that have zombies, having played every single zombie map that has ever come out that the Ray Gun is by no means overrated. The only grievance I have with this weapon is that the splash damage from the weapon is capable of damaging and even killing you if you're not careful with it. Other than that, a brilliant wonder weapon to have.

Probably the most overrated P.O. S in zombies. All it does is shoot green discs that cause tiny explosions. You are more Likely to kill yourself than zombags.

Agreed its way to overrated you can't do sht with it unless you got phd and that's only on sertain maps that have better qual weapons totakky agree with you

9 Golden Spork
10 Paralyzer

Love this gun so much

The Contenders

11 Blundergat

Amazing, first wonder weapon to be upgraded in to three different weapons.

12 Monkey Bomb
13 Hells Retriever

"Hell's Redeemer"?

Easily the most useful secondary grenad collecting power ups and heads alike.

14 Gersche Device

Sucks all zombs in to it allowing you to make an escape or revive a teammate.

15 Jet Gun

Easily one of the best buildable weapons of all time. It shreds up Zombies, can kill zomnies behind you, and if you're in the air with it running, you can literally fly. Need I say more?

Why would this be on the list it's a terrible acscue of a wonder weapon it's a builable
You can only use it for a couple seconds until it breaks and you have to buld it again

16 Vr-11

Creates a monkey bomb esche effect, calms Romero, turns other teammates into unstopable tanks and two shots will cause the zombie to explode.


17 Q.E.D

Can either bless or curse your team. By giving you points or taking them away. Can kill zombies or summon a huge horde of them.

18 Wunderwaffe DG 2

Is the best

19 Wrath of the Ancients
20 Winters Howl

Freezes zombies in the low rounds. But in high rounds simply slows them to shambling. Although it is pretty cool.


21 Time Bomb
22 The Baby Gun

Already on the list...

23 Apothicon Servant

Shoots gersh device like holes

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