Top Ten Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Maps

All multiplayer maps from CoD: WaW. Please vote for the best maps, do not be a troll. No Zombies maps.

The Top Ten

1 Castle Castle

Great map overall. It has good spots except for that one little perch wih the ladder, that place is cancerous. - PROblemGamer

2 Dome Dome

One of the best small maps out there surprisingly. Lots of good cover and lots of fast-paced action while staying true to what Call of Duty stands on. - PROblemGamer

3 Courtyard Courtyard

If you guys didn't know, Dig from BO2 is based on this one. Pretty basic map, but really annoying when artillery is called in. - PROblemGamer

4 Cliffside Cliffside

Amazing map for almost any weapon and mode. Only problem is how wide it is and how far spaced everything is, including action itself. by the way, Hazard from BO1 is based on this map. - PROblemGamer

5 Seelow Seelow

This is one of those maps that are split between being awesome or very bad. I think majority of people like this map though. Tanks 4 life. - PROblemGamer

6 Hangar Hangar

This map has some of the best gameplay out there. Always fun to play on this map. Only some parts are really annoying, like the 2 buildings that face each other. - PROblemGamer

7 Makin Makin

The classic map from the game. Honestly WAY too dark. - PROblemGamer

8 Roundhouse Roundhouse

Roundhouse is my favorite from WaW, and a very underrated map. Every time I play it, the gameplay is amazing. First time I got a 15 kill streak too on WaW. - PROblemGamer

9 Revolution Revolution

Possibly the best DLC map in WaW. Cool building layout - PROblemGamer

10 Asylum Asylum

The default map. One of the most popular. Shotguns are pretty annoying here, but overall, games go well. - PROblemGamer

The Contenders

11 Upheaval
12 Airfield
13 Battery
14 Breach
15 Outskirts
16 Corrosion
17 Upheaval
18 Banzai
19 Sub Pens
20 Makin Day
21 Station
22 Knee Deep
23 Downfall
24 Nightfire
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