Best Call of Duty: World at War Guns

The best weapons in World at War are listed, some are very over powered.

The Top Ten Best Call of Duty: World at War Guns

1 MP-40

Wonderful! Another zero recoil weapon like the UMP 45 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!

MP40 from Call of Duty WAW is overpowered and overused.

Its just like the ump45 in mw2, low rof, but very high damage

2 PPSh-41

Kasi naman and ganda niya talaga po

3 StG 44
4 Thompson
5 Type 100

Very pretty, small and strong gun :) from Slovakia

6 M1 Carbine
7 FG-42
8 M1 Garand
9 PTRs
10 MG-42

The Contenders

11 BAR

Awesome browning automatic rifle

12 M1919 Browning

My favorite gun in this game by look and mag size.

13 Sahil
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