Best Call of Duty Zombies Perk Jingles

The Top Ten

1 Deadshot Daiquiri

I agree. It's the best.

Its Always Been My Favorite It's The Only Rock Jingle In Zombies - christangrant

2 Mule Kick

A Epic Tale Of The Legend Know As... EL BURRO! - christangrant

3 Double Tap Root Beer

Its Fun To Run Past This Perk Machine To Hear This Jingle With An Hoard Of Zombies Behind You - christangrant

4 Vulture Aid Elixir

It's A Chill Jingle To Listen To - christangrant

5 Stamin-Up
6 PHD Flopper
7 Quick Revive
8 Tombstone
9 Speed Cola
10 Juggernog

The Contenders

11 Who's Who
12 Widows Wine
13 Pack a Punch
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