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1 Barret .50 cal

Put acog though


Great gun after about 3 shots it is super accurate and has very high damage

nothing can compete with this - jimmyzeke13

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2 AK-47

Double tap and deep penetration is op

A great gun I melt eith this getting at least 30 kills each game

it is just a beast assault rifle. Between the awesome firepower and being fully auto... beautiful - iknowcierrewoods

The best gun I've ever used in the game, no doubt it's one of the most well known rifles in the world! - Neonco31

3 M16A4 with M203

Amazing gun

Bets one burst weapon

This gun is really easy to use but not too overpowered. It's really stable and the grip is very good. It also has incredible aim and is a beast at killing players. In my opinion, it's not a nooby gun but a gun for the players who want to be good at the game.

This gun is accurate, reliable and kills a lot easier than the M4A1. I know this because I'm a weapons researcher; not a gun fan. GOT THAT?! - aeromaxx777

4 M4 Carbine

Really good gun

5 Desert Eagle Pistol

This gun kicks ass! The best pistol in all of the Modern Warfare series.

I shot kill on the entire body on all difficulties. Awesome. It's a hand sniper.

It's a powerful hand cannon that could be a primary weapon. Also it's a desert eagle.

Sniper pistol


Best gun ever, this should be number 1... RPD has 40 damage, 705 rounds per minute, and also a gigantic 50 round drum. Even better, adding a grip will make the gun's recoil moderately low. The gun also has the best iron sight in the game, making it an unbeatable weapon in medium to long range.

Rapid smash great with grip

7 P90 With a Silencer


8 M14

Screw full auto this thing kills anything in its path I had 77-43 with this monster

High power+accuracy, may kick like a mule but if used with red dot sight and steady aim it can be brought up to Close quarters. I use this instead of a sniper rifle because of it's CQB capacity.

9 M60E4 With Red Dot Sight

2 shot at long range use the red Dot and stopping power

AK-47 is an amazing gun

I haven't personally tried this weapon, but we can do better! I think we can stop being nooby for a while to vote for the AK-47 with this being the dominate gun in the game for CQC (Close Quarters Combat). I have been thinking is the AK better than the Scorpion from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for CQC.

10 M4A1/SOPMOD/with M203

Even with a silencer or even ACOG, this gun can give you heli every life. Unstoppalby Beast with RDS

So easy to use. It's great for everything. - LordA117

Those who vote for M16 obviously never tried the M4. - CyraxQC

The Contenders

11 G3

Insanely accurate, the G3 also has my favorite irons of all time. It's only flaws are it's rareness and 20 round clips.

This gun is epic because 2 shots with red dot aimer to the chest dead

Before the mod killer update.

Hold it, Love it

12 AK-74

This was my favorite gun in the game I got 40-3 using this. Use this gun its amazing I guarantee you.

The great 74u. Before BO this, powerful 30 clip SMG was awesome.

I love it its good for close range

This gun in in MW3 ds so wrong top 10 list - CODcaker45

13 MP5

Fast firing and accurate, this 30 clip quick reload god is also really common.

excellent submachine gun for close quarters. - aeromaxx777

This is my weapon for multiplayer I can go at master gunnery sergeant with this gun in 4 hours

Potlood : it's fast and lightweight

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14 AK-47 with GP-25

The gun is rare with lots of ammo, but the ammo you do have makes up for it, its an EPIC GUN

15 Mini Uzi

Fast firing, Accurate 32 round goodness the Mini Uzi is Amazing

16 G36c

Put a red dot, stopping power, steady aim and bandolier and you KICK EVERYONE WITHOUT 1 VOTE! For g36c and tribute to gaz

This gun melts against bots. Add a silencer, Stopping Power, steady aim, and bandolier, and you're pretty much unstoppable

This highly versatile carbine is useful in all situations, both long, short and mid.

Strength clip and range of an Assault Rifle, but fire rate and reload of and SMG.

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17 M40A3

It's the classic trick shot weapon! Used by the finest players everywhere. The M40A3. Too good mate.

18 The Javelin
19 M249 SAW

Ah, the saw. This 100 round accurate LMG is amazing, but its rareness is it's downfall.

20 RPG-7
21 Skorpion

Perfect with a silencer to freak out any campers, especially as a ninja/infiltrator

Come on it should be at least no 5 it is ACR on steroids

22 ICR 7
23 RDP
24 Dragonuv


25 R700
26 M16
27 G3 with Silencer
28 M9 Pistol
29 MP44

This was the first assault rifle come on it takes skill

30 Swordfish

That is my favorite weapon in the whole game.

Quick shooter
Head shot is direct kill
Two shots for body shot

31 M1014

An awesome 7 round huge damage monster that is impressive.

32 M16A4 sSilenced
33 Spitfire

A fast shooting gun and with good accuracy.

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1. Barret .50 cal
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1. AK-47
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