Best Calvin and Hobbes Strips

"Heave a rock at me" is one of the many things we can expect from what we call the greatest comic strip of all time.

The Top Ten

1 Being Miserable Builds Character!

Calvin steals his dad's glasses and imitates him. - SwagFlicks

"Calvin, go do something you hate! Being miserable builds character! "

The first panel set up one of those perfect innocent Calvin and Hobbes laugh bomb fuses.I cracked up the second I saw the second panel, nearly died because I exhaled to much air laughing at the sight of the third one, and the image of Calvin’s mom doing the same basically incapacitated me for the next 20 minutes.

2 Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Calvin and Hobbes protect themselves from ghosts. - SwagFlicks

3 Calvin the Insect

Calvin makes noises compared to bugs while talking to his dad on the phone. - SwagFlicks

Calvin's dad:Calvin, this had better not be you. - Goatworlds

4 Tigers Will Do Anything for a Tuna Fish Sandwich

We're kind of stupid that way. - SwagFlicks

This was the first strip. - Goatworlds

I love it - BoyGenius234

5 One Wish

Hobbes makes 'a bad wish' according to Calvin. - SwagFlicks

6 Math Problems

Susie gives Calvin answers to math problems. - SwagFlicks

7 Snowman Xing

Calvin's Dad is late for work because of a snowman 'XING'. - SwagFlicks

8 Calvin and the College Yearbook

Calvin sees his dad with a keg and a "Party Naked" t-shirt in his college yearbook. - SwagFlicks

9 Nails In the Coffee Table

Calvin hammers nails in the coffee table. - SwagFlicks

10 Milk

The Contenders

11 I Don't Eat Any Cereal That Doesn't Make the Milk Purple
12 Mr. Annoying Human Echo Mr. Annoying Human Echo

Hobbes gets rid of Mr. Annoying Human Echo. - SwagFlicks

13 Yukon Ho!
14 Kazam
15 When in doubt, deny all terms and definitions

I used to own a book full of Calvin and Hobbes strips, but my mom and dad threw it away. This strip was always my favorite. Peanuts & Calvin and Hobbes & Garfield are my favorite comic strips.

16 The Season Gets Less Jolly Every Year

It came out on my birthday even though I wasn't born yet - BoyGenius234

17 “I fold.”

No matter how acquainted with comics you are, it’s hilarious to watch a six year old boy attempt to play poker with his stuffed tiger.

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