Top 10 Cameos In Video Games

I love video games, and I find it interesting when a character, place or thing from one video game makes it into another.

The Top Ten

1 Black Mesa and Aperture - Portal and Half Life

In Half Life, Gordon Freeman works for Black Mesa. In Portal, Chell is in Aperture Laboratories. It has been said many times that Aperture and Black Mesa are competitors. This cameo is my favorite because it is subtle, yet completely worked into both game's lore.

2 Link and Samus - Super Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG, Link from Legend Of Zelda and Samus from Metroid can appear sleeping in certain beds. Link can't we awoken, but Samus will say she is resting up for a battle against Mother Brain.

3 Sonic and Earthworm Jim - Donkey Kong Country 2

In this game at the end, Cranky Kong shows who has won his "Video Game Heroes" competition. While Mario, Yoshi and Link have taken the top spots, some did bad. Beside a trash can that says "No Hopers" you can find Sonic's Shoes and Jim's Blaster. #ShotzFired

4 Indiana Jones - Fallout: New Vegas Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr., often shortened to "Indy", is the title character of the Indiana Jones franchise.

While not a video game character, Indiana Jones has a pretty interesting cameo in Fallout: New Vegas. In it, you can find a refrigerator with a skeleton and sauve hat in it. That seems familiar...

5 Sam, Max, Glados, Heavy & Others - Poker Night at the Inventory

In both Poker Night At The Inventory 1 and 2, there are some interesting poker players. These include Sam and Max (Sam And Max), GLADoS (Portal), Heavy (Team Fortress 2), Brock Samson (Venture Bros) and many others.

6 James McCloud - F-Zero

James McCloud is the deceased father of Fox mentioned several times in Star Fox. However, there is also a racer who shares his name and some clothes in various F-Zero games.

7 Creeper - Borderlands 2

In Borderlands 2, there is a place where you can find a wall made of Minecraft style stone blocks. If destroyed, you can find creepers inside.

8 Samus and Metroids - Kirby's Dream Land 3

In one level of this game, there are metroids from... Metroid that Kirby must fight. Then, at the end of the level, you can find Samus.

9 Dr. Wright - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

In Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening, there are many video game references, especially to Mario. But, my favorite is Dr. Wright from Sim City. This cameo also goes hand in hand with another cameo. Dr. Wright is sent a picture of Peach from Mario by a girl named Catherine.

10 Kratos - Shovel Knight (PlayStation Console Versions)

The Contenders

11 Doomguy, Lara Croft and Isaac Clarke - Duke Nukem

In the original Duke Nukem, you can find Lara Croft from Tomb Raider chained up and Doomguy from Doom dead. Then, in Duke Nukem Forever, you can find Isaac Clarke from Dead Space dead like Doomguy.

12 Battletoads - Shovel Knight (Xbox Version)
13 Conan O'Brien - Lego Batman 3
14 Nights Into Dreams Pinball - Sonic Adventure

Back when SEGA actually cared about their more obscure franchises

15 Conan O'Brien - Halo 4
16 Snoop Dogg - True Crimes; Streets of L.A
17 Samuel L. Jackson - Gta San Andreas
18 Terminator - WWE 2K16
19 Michael Jackson - Space Channel 5
20 Gary Coleman - Postal 2
21 Jimmy Kinnel - Black Ops 2
22 Elijah Wood - The Legend of Spyro Trilogy

He voiced Spyro... AND DID IT WELL.

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