Top 10 Best Camp Camp Episodes

I've recently watched a RoosterTeeth animated show called Camp Camp, and I loved it. From its South Park like humor, to their hilarious and endearing characters, the show is just a masterpiece. So I want to honor this fantastic show by counting down its best episodes.
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1 Parent's Day

In this season finale of Camp Camp season 2 (the episode is approximately double the normal amount of time) David schedules a Parents' Day, a day where all the Campers parents see what they do there at camp. After hearing this Cameron Campbell tells David to cancel the event but ran out of luck when the Quartermaster pulled in with the parents. All the campers parents seemed to have make it to the event except for Max's. Campbell needs to make sure the day goes perfectly or else he will get arrested, so he paired up Max,David,and Gwen to be a "temporary Family" until his actual parents arrive. Max exclaims to David that his Parents aren't coming because they don't come to dumb events like that an Jermy Fartz's parents come into the mess hall making a very comical scene. Then a scene cuts to the campers showing what they've been doing. An important note has been made when Gwen finds out that his parents sent him there because they were scared of him and made his brother disappear. Max ...more

The humor in this episode was great and the ending was a huge milestone in Max’s character development and background. Definitely one of the best episodes so far.

I just love the dadvid parts.

2 Cult Camp

Cult Camp was the season opener for season 2. Gwen has found extra cash and put a "help wanted " ad in the newspaper. David questions of this is good idea, then a grenade is shown being thrown threw the window. When someone knocks on the door, Gwen hurriedly goes to answer it when a David-like figure stands in the door frame. Gwen tells David that she's using her vacation days and then speeds off in her car. The David-like guy introduces himself as Daniel. David and Daniel talk for a bit then walk inside the counselor's hall. It fits to David telling the kids what is and is not a baseball. When he asks if there are any questions Max had to ask " Yeah, who the f#%# is that guy" th points to Daniel. Daniel introduces himself and gets up in Mac's face saying "David told me all. About you" Then David leaves and Daniel starts talking about an intergalactic God name xemoog. When Neil questions of any of this is actually true, Daniel replied "Why do you ...more

I loved Daniel, I hope he returns sometime in season 3. Some of my favourite jokes are in this episode.

Daniel is amazing and on top of that we get the best sing-off battlebetween Daniel and David

This was the day the fandom got Daniel.

3 The Order of the Sparrow

This from the episode script (warning: some foul language):

Max: Well, David, you were right. This IS amazing.

David: If I could just show you...

Max: Do you really think a big campfire and some outdated, honestly kind of racist tradition is going to make anyone care about anything? No one gives a ****, David. Nobody want to be here.

David: *grunting intensifies*

Max: God. It's like you live in this stupid make-believe world where "everything's great! " The universe doesn't work that way, idiot. Just look around. It's what I've been trying to show you since day one. Life sucks. And we live in a world of desensitized, apathetic *******s. Why don't you just get with the program and stop giving a ****.

David: You're right.

Max: What?

David: Times have changed. Whether I like it or not. The campers don't care, Gwen doesn't care, even the founder of this place has better things to do. That's why I'll never stop trying. ...more

4 Reigny Day

Does this confirm this site is full of nazis? hmm

5 Mind Freakers

It was one of the episodes where we see more of Max’s inner pain the pain he feels because very few people around him understand him or seem to care for him.

6 Anti-Social Network
7 Journey to Spooky Island
8 Nikki's Last Day on Earth

The ending when space kid asks david when he'll get his period is AWESOME

9 Escape From Camp Campbell

The official first episode out the series. It's start of with David and Max standing in front off the Camp waiting for the bus with two new campers on it. He waits for his escape while David tells him about the new campers. The bus arrives with Nikki and Neil and they get introduced to the camp. The whole wacky pilot episode is great to start off a new series

It's the first episodes so of course I love it.

10 The Forest

The Forest was a lot different than the other episodes. It was sad instead of funny and I felt bad for David. Probably one of the best episodes in season 4.

Everyone was coming back from an adventure from across the lake. David asks what the lesson learned from that was and nobody could answer it.

The Contenders
11 David Gets Hard

"I'm hard and I'm coming! "

12 Jasper Dies at the End
13 Space Camp Was a Hoax
14 Camp Corp
15 Foreign Exchange Students

An awesome and hilarious episode. Also, it gave me my Russian girl Vera

An awesome and hilarious episode. Also, it gave me my Russian girl Vera

16 Camp Loser Says What
17 Camporee
18 Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot

I love my Wood Scout bois. Enough said. This episode is underrated and perfect.

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