Top 10 Best Camp Camp Episodes

I've recently watched a RoosterTeeth animated show called Camp Camp, and I loved it. From its South Park like humor, to their hilarious and endearing characters, the show is just a masterpiece. So I want to honor this fantastic show by counting down its best episodes.

The Top Ten

1 The Order of the Sparrow

This from the episode script (warning: some foul language):

Max: Well, David, you were right. This IS amazing.

David: If I could just show you...

Max: Do you really think a big campfire and some outdated, honestly kind of racist tradition is going to make anyone care about anything? No one gives a ****, David. Nobody want to be here.

David: *grunting intensifies*

Max: God. It's like you live in this stupid make-believe world where "everything's great! " The universe doesn't work that way, idiot. Just look around. It's what I've been trying to show you since day one. Life sucks. And we live in a world of desensitized, apathetic *******s. Why don't you just get with the program and stop giving a ****.

David: You're right.

Max: What?

David: Times have changed. Whether I like it or not. The campers don't care, Gwen doesn't care, even the founder of this place has better things to do. That's why I'll never stop trying. ...more - GreninjaGuy

2 Parent's Day
3 Mind Freakers
4 Reigny Day
5 Anti-Social Network
6 Cult Camp
7 Journey to Spooky Island
8 David Gets Hard

"i'm hard and I'm coming! " - DensestPotato

9 Space Camp Was a Hoax
10 Camporee
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