Best Battles of the Percy Jackson Series

The Top Ten
1 Percy vs Hyperion (Book 1)

Sorry. I meant book 5. - 906389

2 Percy vs Aries (Book 1)
3 Battle of Manhattan (Book 5)

That moment when Percy creates a legit hurricane

Not #1? - errrr

4 Percy vs Luke (Book 1)

Luke literally just put a scorpion on his arm. - errrr

5 Thalia, Annabeth and Percy vs Luke and Atlas (Book 3)

Thalia vs Luke was so emotional

6 The Battle at Camp Half-Blood (Book 4)
7 Percy vs the Minotaur

His first monster

8 Percy, Zoe, Grover, Thalia and Bianca vs the Nemean Lion (Book 3)
9 Percy vs Kronos

Please don't hurt me for this not being higher!

Percy vs the freaking titan lord!

Way to go, my bro!

10 Leo Valdez vs Gaea, Mother of Earth

Leo was the true hero. He defeated Gaea and died along the way. Leo and Percy are the most valuable of the seven. During the battle Leo rode on his dragon Festus to Gaea. They battled until a huge explosion blew both of them up. But Festus quickly put the physicians cure into Leo using a needle and brought him back to life

Leo Valdez against the freaking earth mother!

The Contenders
11 Percy, Zoe, Grover, Thalia and Bianca vs Talos

The tears that fall

12 Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase vs Akhlys, the Misery Goddess

This is just sad.

13 Percy vs Jason (The Mark of Athena)
14 The Seven vs Gaea
15 Nico Di Angelo vs Octavian

So funny even though Nico did nothing Octavian still managed to kill him self

16 Greeks vs Romans
17 Zoë Nightshade vs Atlas
18 Percy Jackson & Nico Di Angelo vs Hades Lord of the Underworld
19 Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase vs Nyx, Goddess of Night

It was a trick not a battle. The children of Nyx were fighting

20 Damasen & Bob vs Tartarus

I wish that bob and damasen lived.

21 Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase vs Ethan Nukmanuna
22 Piper McLean vs the Boreads & Khione
23 Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon vs Kronos and the Other Titans
24 Kronos vs Ournous
25 Piper McLean vs Medea
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