Top 10 Canadian Black Metal Bands

You may be surprised that there are many black metal bands in Canada waiting to be discovered.
Probably Norwegian black metal bands will always be the best but there are some interesting things in Canada as well.

The Top Ten

1 Forteresse

Acclaimed albums - Crépuscule d'octobre, Métal noir québécois - Metal_Treasure

2 Blasphemy Blasphemy more.

They are one of the oldest Canadian metal bands, formed in 1984.
Most acclaimed album - Fallen Angel of Doom... - Metal_Treasure

3 Gris
4 Monarque

Acclaimed album: Ad Nauseam - Metal_Treasure

5 Funeral Fog

Named after Mayhem's song Funeral Fog - Metal_Treasure

6 Operation Winter Mist
7 Woods of Ypres
8 Megiddo

Their album 'The Devil and the Whore' is considered as one of the best Canadian black metal albums - Metal_Treasure

9 Wolven Ancestry
10 Sortilegia

The Contenders

11 Sorcier des Glaces
12 Sombres Forêts

Acclaimed album - Quintessence - Metal_Treasure

13 Csejthe
14 A.M.S.G.
15 Will of the Ancients
16 Skagos

Acclaimed album - Ást - Metal_Treasure

17 Melancolia
18 Dark Forest
19 Antediluvian
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