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1 Rogers

Good service, pricing is a ok, and speed is great.

Subscribe - David Kotzen

2 Koodo

Very good services and great plans for your phone too! - FamousOG

It has good pricing along with excellent reception!

3 Bell

A little pricey, but I have never had any problems with my service

Never had a problem with this service - CheesyNachos

4 Telus

Better then any other provider especially ROGERS which sucks

I love it

5 Fido
6 Videotron
7 Public Mobile
8 Virgin Mobile Canada
9 Wind Mobile

Great if you live in the coverage zones. My plan is $35 a month and its unlimited calling, texting and data so its great

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10 SaskTel
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1. Virgin Mobile Canada
2. Koodo
3. Rogers
1. Rogers
2. Koodo
3. Bell
1. Rogers
2. Koodo
3. Bell



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