Top Ten Canadian Diamonds

Conflict free Canadian Diamonds are the biggest news in the diamond industry in the last 100 years.

The Top Ten

1 Eskimo Diamonds

I just got Eskimo Diamond Ring last month. I could see the Difference from my Best friends ring. The Diamond shines so much more. AND I love the fact that it is 100% conflict free. It came with all the papers proving the the Canadian mine it came from. I would never buy a diamond from the Ontario mine because its owned by DeBeers. Several Jewelery stores tried to sell me one. I did some research and found out that it was controlled by DeBeers.

I would recommend Eskimo Diamonds to anyone

100% trackable diamonds from Canada's North. Uses the Canadamark tracking system. one of the oldest most recognized brands in the world. - jimrichard

They are trully the best. The diamonds are tracked from mine to final product. I bought one the sparkle of the diamond is awesome.

It keeps the jobs in canada and it's verified from the mine.

2 Polar Bear Diamond

The first Canadian diamond introduced in 1998. - jimrichard

3 Arctic Ice Diamonds

Tracked through Ekati mine. - jimrichard

4 Nordic Fire

I'm loving diamonds and only issue free diamonds. Nordic Fire diamonds were tested by my expert-friend as the best cut Canadian diamonds.

Ttacabl, cut to the highest standards. Backed by a Nordic Fire and a GIA certificate.

Tracked through the Diavik Mine. - jimrichard

5 Hallmark of Quality

Tracked through Canadamark, accurately graded diamonds. - jimrichard

6 Canadamark Diamonds

All diamonds under this umbrella of tracking are cut and polished to the highest standards. - jimrichard

7 Polar Ice

Tracked through through the NWT governments tracking program - jimrichard

8 Caprice Diamonds

Truly Elegant. Beautifully cut diamonds from Canada. - jimrichard

9 Peoples Canadian Diamond

100 faceted diamond makes the diamond sparkle like no other. - jimrichard

10 Fire of the North

Manufactured in the province of Quebec. - jimrichard

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