Top Ten Canadian Icons

Today marks the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation. This is a list of the people, places, and things that make Canadians from sea to sea proud. God keep our land, glorious and free. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

The Top Ten

1 The Maple Leaf

The one and only maple leaf - TwilightKitsune

2 Sir John A. Macdonald

His portrait graces our ten-dollar bill (although I believe he's being squeezed out next year, unfortunately). Without Sir John A. and the other "Fathers of Confederation," Canada as we know it would not exist. - PetSounds

3 Hockey

Walk by any outdoor rink from December through February and you will see a game of pickup going on. Grab a stick and hop the boards! Or, wstch the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Montreal Canadiens in a duel for the ages. - PetSounds

4 The CN Tower

It defines the skyline of Toronto (one of the world's greatest cities, by the way). At night, when decorated with coloured lights, it's even more impressive. - PetSounds

5 The Beaver The Beaver The beaver is a primarily nocturnal, large, semiaquatic rodent. Castor includes two extant species, the North American beaver and Eurasian beaver. Beavers are known for building dams, canals, and lodges.

The logo of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The coat of arms of the University of Toronto. The face of Canada's five-cent piece. All are adorned with the likeness of our national animal. - PetSounds

6 Stompin' Tom Connors

Stompin' Tom was an unabashed patriot who, more than any other Canadian singer, expressed the love and pride that so many of us for this country. - PetSounds

7 The Canada Goose The Canada Goose The Canada goose is a large wild goose species with a black head and neck, white cheeks, white under its chin, and a brown body. Native to arctic and temperate regions of North America, its migration occasionally reaches northern Europe.

These birds are sort of like Canadians in that foreigners think they're awesome. We, however, have a love-hate relationship with them. On one hand, they're noisy and messy. On the other, they're beautiful. A flock of geese passing overhead is an awe-inspiring sight. - PetSounds

8 Tim Hortons Tim Hortons Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian-based multinational fast food restaurant known for its coffee and donuts.

It's true. Everybody knows the menu inside out and has a preferred order. - PetSounds

9 Don Cherry

Whether or not they watch hockey, all Canadians are familiar with Don Cherry and his gaudy suits. - PetSounds

10 The Avro Arrow

The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow might be the world's most famous unfinished military project. It was intended to become the Royal Canadian Air Force's primay interceptor. The project was cancelled, however, and all six completed aircraft were scrapped. Some say the aircraft was too advanced for its time. Some say a Soviet spy had infiltrated the project. Others say it was simply too expensive. Whatever the reason for its cancellation, the Arrow has taken on legendary status among Canadians. - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland
12 1000 De La Gauchetière
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