Top Ten Canadian Serial Killers

Canadian serial killers by victim count, brutality and infamy.

The Top Ten

1 Robert Pickton Robert Pickton Robert William "Willie" Pickton of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, is a former multi-millionaire pig farmer and serial killer convicted in 2007 of the second-degree murders of six women.

Is it naive of me to say I can't believe there are any Canadian serial killers? I thought Canadians were such gentle creatures. - Britgirl

Inspired one of the harshest criminal minds episodes.

Pig farmer who killed dozens of hookers - bobbythebrony

Damn! I thought Canada were better than to kill

2 Clifford Olson Clifford Olson Clifford Robert Olson, Jr. was a convicted Canadian serial killer who confessed to murdering 11 children and young adults between the ages of nine and 18 years in the early 1980s.
3 Gilbert Paul Jordan Gilbert Paul Jordan
4 Michael Wayne McGray Michael Wayne McGray
5 William Patrick Fyfe William Patrick Fyfe
6 Allan Legere Allan Legere

The Monster of the unknown city Miramichi, I know is a small city in New Brunswick laugh out loud

7 Leopold Dion Leopold Dion

Raped and killed 4 young boys - bobbythebrony

8 Wayne Boden Wayne Boden
9 Paul Bernardo Paul Bernardo Paul Kenneth Bernardo, also known as Paul Jason Teale, is a Canadian serial killer and serial rapist.

He should be number 1. Or maybe I just like too many serial killer couples. But karla should be on here. - gemcloben

Killed 3 girls with his wife Karla Homolka - bobbythebrony

10 Peter Woodcock Peter Woodcock

Killed 4 people, including 3 children - bobbythebrony

The Contenders

11 Justin Bourque Justin Bourque

He's a mass shooter, not a serial killer - bobbythebrony

He's an cop killer. that's not match up by an serial killer

12 Adrian Kinkead Adrian Kinkead

He's not a serial killer as he only killed two people - bobbythebrony

13 John Martin Crawford John Martin Crawford
14 Cody Legebokoff Cody Legebokoff
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