Top Ten Canadian Stereotypes

As a Canuck myself, here are the top ten Canadian stereotypes.

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21 If you scratch the maple leaf on a dollar bill, you will smell maple syrup If you scratch the maple leaf on a dollar bill, you will smell maple syrup

Also our coins taste like syrup if you suck on them long enough.

Can confirm that it is actually true, but only for the $100

I smelled every bill and they all smell like syrup

We don't even have a dollar bill... - PetSounds

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22 We put maple syrup on everything We put maple syrup on everything

I just LOVE maple syrup on my bacon and pancakes.

Pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, delicious! If you haven't tried it then you should - CanadianGirl

Maple syrup adds a great flavour to everything, but sometimes those things ruin the maple, and that's not good.

Haha I even put maple syrup on top of maple syrup! I LOVE maple syrup

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23 Canada is a french country

Although French is an official language of Canada, only about 22% of Canadians speak French.

French is our second language

Not really, yes Quebec is a French province, but most people speak English.

Wow. Whoever made this really needs to review their History.

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24 All we drink is beer All we drink is beer

I AM A KID PEOPLE! where do people get this idea?

Its not all we drink. But a cold beer after a hard days work? No one can complain about that.

We r not drunk every day if we were it would be on the news several times

Oh and...KEITHS

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25 Sled dogs are the main source of transportaion. Sled dogs are the main source of transportaion.

Sled dogs are for the rich. Personally, I ride a polar bear to work every day

Oh yes we ride our polar bears on our one road to get back to our igloos - Morgie2311

No we have cars nethier do we ride polar bears

Yep! Sure do! We ride them on our roads of plowed snow, to our buildings made out of ice! Oh! We also wear our winter parkas in the middle of summer to! - CanadianGirl

And Australians ride in kangaroos to work. whoever made stereotypes are idiots. I'm blaming Americans until I'm proven wrong

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26 Canadian "bacon" is just sliced bologna

No it isn't. Bologna is bloody disgusting. Canadian bacon is just.. bacon? I've never had American bacon but I've heard it's nasty.

Well does that make it less good? I think not

27 All we hunt are caribou

I don't eat even eat caribou so why would I hunt it - CanadianGirl

It is illegal to hunt caribou in Alberta.

No but caribou is REALLY good

I don't even hunt

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28 We ice-fish for food We ice-fish for food

1. You have to get permission to ice-fish in a lot of places.
2. Do you know how cold it is to sit on ice while you're exposed to the wind? Around a hole?
3. A lot of fish are smaller in the winter. Not as much meat.
4. It's easier to just stock a pond.
5. I have lived in Canada my whole life and only went ice-fishing once, and that was because we had exchange students from China who wanted to try it.

I don't think we ice-fish for our food.

What?! Where in the world do people get these? We don't eat ice fish laugh out loud

I have never even caught a fish while ice fishing so consider me starved lol

I'm vegetarian so I'm not sure about that lol.

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29 We say pencil crayons (not colored pencils) We say pencil crayons (not colored pencils)

What the hell are "colored pencils"

Kay, it's COLOURED not COLORED and we say Pencil Crayons... What the heck is COLOURED Pencils?

I'm used to saying it as "pencil crayons" ever since I was in first grade. "Coloured pencils" sounds odd for me.

They are not pencils! not even pencils with color added
they look like pencils right, and they have wax added right JUST LIKE CRAYONS!

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30 We say zed not zee We say zed not zee

Ok that one is very true, we do say zed. That one is not a stereotype

ZEE just sounds stupid. ZED actually makes senses

Some say zee, some say zed.

British say zed, and zee sounds weird. As in zeeebra, no. zebra - Hater

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31 We are scared of the dark We are scared of the dark

To be fair, nobody likes the dark

Oh no it's getting dark, I better go ride my polar bear out of this snow storm so I get home to my igloo so I can finish watching hockey with my brothers eh

I'm sure most Americans aren't all that fond of the dark either

Ok, I sorta am. Not really, though.

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32 We like Justin Beiber We like Justin Beiber

Yeah right that's a good joke! Just because he is Canadian doesn't mean we have to like him.

Wow hilarious we are all laughing our heads off at your "funny" joke he came from Canada but he seems to like the U. S so America, you can have him

Yes, he is Canadian, but that doesn't mean we like him. Mostly little girls did now, no one really listens to him.

Haha, funny joke! I'm Canadian, and I'm personally ashamed that that idiot comes from my country.

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33 Lack of proper pronunciation

It's called accent idiots - CanadianGirl

Well maybe we're pronouncing everything right, and you're the ones mispronouncing everything

No, we just have an awesome accent.

What are you talking aboot?

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34 Canadians are the most polite, social and tolerant countries in the world

These three countries experienced a rapid, massive and multicultural input of immigrants... With very small part of the population expressing intolerant racism (racism exist in every corner of the earth)... those countries welcomed them, helped them to settle and only expected the minimum payback from immigrants; Respect and Integrate as much as possible to their cultures, without asking, expecting or forcing them to stop professing their believes and traditions from their homelands...

Canada is only ONE country...and America is more social than us.

I can say this is mostly true, they're still people who commit race hate crimes. Expecially targeting visible minorities such as Muslims due to 9/11 and it's after effects.

No. just - no.

35 We ride polar bears, eh? We ride polar bears, eh?

We don't ride polar we drive in cars just like every one in the states

Polar bears can kill you what I live in northern Quebec no one uses polar bear

My polar bears name is mr. Red green and I ride him to work every day

We can't. There aren't enough polar in the world for every Canadian.

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36 We eat poutines

Even If it were true and all of us ate them it's nothing to be ashamed of, it just means we got good taste - CanadianGirl

I eat it ALL the time! It's amazing! Who wouldn't love fries in rich gravy and squeaky cheese curds. And yes Americans, poutine is on our McDonalds menu

I wouldn't know what Poutines were until I heard Canada had them. Blame the PR - An American Girl

I don't like poutine

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37 The natives in Winnipeg are extremely dirty

Not true, sure there are a lot of homeless people there, but there are also many great native folk.

No! I live in Winnipeg there may be quite a few homeless people but not all natives are dirty! I don't know where this started bit its NOT true! - CanadianGirl

? never heard of this one


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38 We smoke a lot of dope We smoke a lot of dope

Really! Bet whoever said this ain't never been to Canada, cause we have more sense then most! - CanadianGirl

That's just mean.

We love smoking dope NOT

What the heck is dope?

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39 All we eat is poutine All we eat is poutine

It's only good in Quebec though...

I love poutine, but that is not all we eat.

I personally prefer pancakes instead. With maple syrup of course.

I Rarely eat poutine

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40 Canadian prostitutes don't wear makeup

Oh no!



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