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41 All we eat is poutine All we eat is poutine

It's only good in Quebec though...

I love poutine, but that is not all we eat.

I personally prefer pancakes instead. With maple syrup of course.

I Rarely eat poutine

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42 Canadians think they have a better national anthem

Yeah we can actually remember it

Because Canada does. When wil Americans admit Canadians are nicer more polite and just plain better than Americans. Also are life expectancy is 3 years longer in Canada and all USA wants is a more powerful military so they can bomb people. Jerk Americans

And Americans think THEY have a better national anthem.

we do - nickisawesome

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43 Canadian prostitutes don't wear makeup V 3 Comments
44 America's hat / attic America's hat / attic

That probably means that everything in Canada is America's useless stuff, right?
I live in a real house, I do not ride polar bears, and even though hockey is our national sport, I do not play or watch it that often.
Thank you for reading, and have the worst day ever, Americans.

Why are Americans always so unfair! They don't know what it's like to live next to a loud noisy rude neighbour. We have a better running society so they should learn to get over it instead if taking their anger out on the shy nice polite little country.

Yeah No! Why do Americans Have to Be Such... I'm Not gonna Finish that But Seriously They Think they Are so much better if we are the hat They are the Pants/ Shoes! Also We would be On top

Canada's boot / basement*

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45 We have beavers as pets We have beavers as pets

No I prefer the oilers, but my favourite show to watch with my sled dogs is our prime minister, Tim Horton, making improvements to our only road which gives us better access to ice fishing holes, eh?

No, my pet is a polar bear and I keep him in my igloo while drinking beer and watching the leafs, eh?

I wish, they're so cute.

Yeah so that they can chop off every single piece of wood in my house, eh? I'd rather have a polar bear.

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46 They say "supper" instead of "dinner" They say

Wonder how they got this one...I always say dinner. never do I say supper.

I say dinner 50% of the time & supper the other 50%. I'm very indecisive.

I can confirm this. I say it a lot, same with everyone I know

i say both - nickisawesome

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47 We love rap music

Well the only rap rap related song it "out for a rip", but I guess its not really 100% rap.

Personally I don't think everybody loves rap music but for me I love my rap music

I don't like rap music that much.

We do... kinda like rap music but not a lot...

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48 Our Bacon Is Just Ham

American bacon is just fat and grease!

Whats American bacon made of then...

Are you saying that you don't like ham?

Well americans you must have very greasey ham - nickisawesome

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49 We say pop instead of soda

So true! I have never said "soda", just pop. It's called pop.

Its called pop because of the sound it makes. Love to try a drink that makes the sound "soda"

I have never heard anyone say soda before. The first time I even saw it "said" was in a Emily the Strange book.

Either or for me

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50 We lather ourselves in maple syrup.

As a Canadian girl I must say that I bathe in maple syrup aboot every night and then I roll around in it and feed it to my pet polar bear and beaver, eh

This is what we do at spas. All Canadians must do it once yearly or they will freeze.

Think what you want, but common sense will tell you the right answer.

i don't...

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51 Canadians ride reindeer

Of course not! We ride polar bears and dog sleds.

Of course not, we ride polar bears

Can't argue with this one...

Reindeer not in canada, other than the plains, mabeye

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52 They are smart

Why yes. Yes we are... I like this stereotype

Totally. Why do you think Canadians have got more common sense than Americans?

I know the capital of the Central African Republic

Thank you so much for the compliment! Personally, this is true for me

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53 They're afraid of the dark.

What who thinks this - nickisawesome

i am a bit

so true.

Since when?

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54 Canada has the best bacon you'll ever eat.

Of course like who doesn't love bacon

Canadians call Canadian bacon back bacon

Ya it has the best bacon

I'm vegetarian

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55 We don't have police, we have Mounties.

Okay, we do have Mounties... but guess what? We have police too! By the way, the police also have police cars! They do not patrol our streets on caribous!

Um, Calgary Police Service so we do have police. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is our National Police Service

Yeah because obviously the Mounties do CAR chases on moose and caribous -,-

Of course, they patrol on polar bears! - CanadianGuy99

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56 They are so retro

If retro means nice and simple and appreciating the small things then yes, we're retro

If we are retro... Well then I like being retro - CanadianGirl

If you mean that we are Gentlemen and Ladies then Yes but if you mean that we aren't as far ahead as America?!? Then No! We have the iPhone 6+ and S.

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57 All we eat is bacon

Canadians call back bacon...back bacon...nobody in Canada calls it Canadian bacon...only the Americans call it that. And I have seen other pages where Americans say that back bacon is the same as their ham.? No...we have ham too.

Some of us are vegetarian! So how would that work?!

I like to have a nice variation of bacon, ham back-bacon and sausages

I don't really like bacon all THAT much.

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58 They don't have internet

If we didn't have internet how would I be writing this

We like polar bears

Are you stupid. who said we don't have internet?

How exactly do you think I'm typing this? I mean, geez, use some common sense!

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59 Girls are sexy

Yeah that's very true

Hell we are eh.

Not as sexy as Americans stupid show girls.
But we are pretty sexy


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60 Everyone loves Bryan Adams
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