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61 There are no traffic lights

Are people really that ignorant? - CanadianGirl

Do people not know anything about Canada? Is it an ignored country?

Our beavers guide us, saves a lot a energy!

NO, so not true.

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62 We go to school inside a mountain cave

We don't go to school in a mountain cave because of snow and winter all year long. We live in normal houses

Yea! And those of us who don't have mountains in our province walk to another province every morning, eh? - CanadianGirl

Eh! We may like nature but SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Have you ever heard of a classroom, where would those be if they were in a cave? And we are NOT cavemen.

Dear Americans,
There's this thing called a 'classroom'. That's where we go to school. We also don't bathe in maple syrup, we don't ride polar bears (unless we wish to die), we don't live in igloos, not all of us love hockey, we all aren't scared of the dark, and not all of us are super polite. Please do your research next time.
Just Some Canadian

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63 They ride polar bears to work

Personally, I have been to Canada and I can assure you this is true. All there is, is polar bear! Polar bear! Polar bear! They're everywhere and all the Canadians have tamed them to a certain degree, my son got eaten by a polar bear! Will free health care help that? No!

Be this extremely true Nate got eaten by a polar bear once. Personally I think this is real cool cause polar are slay. I think the coolest cause of death is being eaten by a polar bear because this is true you will definitely go to heaven

I'm not Canadian nor do I live in Canada, but it's safe to say that NO ONE there rides animals, skies to work or lives in igloos. - 906389

I don't go to work...yet. Might actually consider the possibility

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64 Canadians are very chill

People think that we smile and are ok with everything, that we're chill and care about everyone. But people here commit suicide all the time, some are mentally hurt, some are struggling with life and the others around them. Just because we seem 'ok' all the time, doesn't me we are, it means that we are the best at fooling you, and you are the worst at understanding how others truly feel.

Canadians are the most coldest people ever on planet LIKE COME ON! THEY CAN'T SMILE MORE WIDER THAN THAT?!?

I am not chill in the slightest. Neither are most of my friends.

True cause 11/12 moths of the year, it's always snowing here

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65 Every accident involves a moose

Oh no, most accidents happen on the highway when our polar bears don't get along

Umm not a moose but a drunk person

No, but most involve a caribou

Woops, it's 500,000 people in NFL, you still get the point.

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66 We Club Baby Seals

Canadians club baby seals, adam is canadian, therefore he clubs baby seals

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67 It's always dark

It's darker when it gets cold but it's good it's not always dark because we are scared of the dark

What?!?! So We Don't Have The Sun?!?! Oh yeah No

Actually, the snow lights everything up

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68 We are all mean and rude

Not true at all

What up their it said we were a polite and nice... Make up your mind

Why would you put this in 43 when the opposite is there on 2

No americans are mean and rude.

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69 We're married to mother nature

I've lived in Canada my whole life, and I honestly never go outside. The longest I've been outside this year was when I went to the Canada Day celebration for two hours. I got sunburned.

Yes yes we are that's a good thing since Americans.
Tend to bury nature in their deep piles
Of garbage.

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70 Canadian men are pedophiles

Yes. I can't wait to follow in my father's footsteps and grope little children. But it takes a lot of hard work to get a degree in pedophilia

So true! When I was a little boy I always had those damn drunk Canadian men grabbing my ass. That one is a fact!

Probably because u where high


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71 We always say "sorry"

This one is true. Walking down the street and someone bumps into you, typically both will say sorry, or if you're in someone's way.

One time, someone knocked all my papers off of my desk when I wasn't in the room, and when I came back, they were picking them all up. I was the one who apologised.

Bumped in the door and excuse myself to it.. Yea

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72 Canadian girls spit

Is there anything wrong with that? I'll spit in your damn eye.

Well yeah. Every morning I spit out my toothpaste. Wouldn't want to swallow it.

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73 Ice hockey at Vancouver V 2 Comments
74 They say "We're sorry" all the time

I'm sorry but we don't say "we're sorry all the time"

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75 We play football wrong

How do you u play? do u punch the person that pisses you?

Vs American football yes we do. So just suck it up and deal with it.

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76 We have stronger beer V 3 Comments
77 We wear ugly wool sweaters

For your info we have very pretty wool sweaters

Actually, they're not wool at all...

No, we wear PRETTY wool sweaters.

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78 Flapjacks

Yummm! I love a flapjack right off the grill

79 We wear Elmo feud hats all the time V 3 Comments
80 We pick fights with wild animals

We don't pick fights with animals such as polar bears(or any bears for that matter), wolves, cougars, elk. Honestly where are you even getting this from?

Yea we totally pick fights with animals with our polar bears and then when we are done we go home drink some beer with Tim Horton and make some kraft dinner and maple syrup

We rant complete idiots we only pick fights with the animals at the zoo, then drink beer and eat bacon with maple syrup and watch a hockey game - CanadianGirl

Depends on the animal actually and my current mood...

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