Top Ten Canadians Cities Not In Ontario

Ontario takes up more than 38% of Canada. But what if Ontario didn't exist in Canada? What would our Best Cities Be?

The Top Ten

1 Montreal Montreal

Montreal is a very friendly city, comedy is very popular there and it is one of the most busy cities in the whole Canada

Should be #1, the most liveable city in Canada

Secind biggest city in Canada behind Toronto, the 8th biggest in North America, top 20 in the americas, yet its very clean, no pollution...

Should be #1

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2 Vancouver

The greatest city in the world. Nowhere else is this green, this beautiful, with the ocean, forests, and mountains.
Truly the best.

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3 Calgary

Nice people. Respectful in traffic. Chinook is great. The air is dry, so the cold weather is not bad. Sunny all year long.

4 Edmonton
5 Quebec City Quebec City
6 Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a great city my dad lived there and worked there for a long time but currently it has a high crime rate

7 Halifax
8 Victoria
9 Saskatoon
10 Regina

Region is an okay city but their crime rate is bad

The Contenders

11 Rossland
12 Moncton
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