Top Ten Candy Bars Without Nuts


The Top Ten

1 Three Musketeers

BEST CANDY EVER! Especially since it tastes airy. - sdgeek2003

2 KitKat

I get a Kit Kat craving every once in a while

Love the light, airy crunch.

Best chocolate ever

No snickers? okay,i know. it has nuts...lets get my substitute...

kit kat for the win!

3 Milky Way

This is my favorite chocolate. - Pony

Love Milky Ways

4 Twix

It has a wonderful taste, I always buy it - LoboMaloso

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5 Hershey's

There really good and there's a great history behind hersheys

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6 Nestle Crunch
7 Caramello

Chocolate with caramel equals heaven

8 Crunchie
9 Mars

I love mars

10 Curlywurly

The Contenders

11 Cadbury Caramel
12 Green & Black's Milk

Never heard of this! - LadyofMystery2015

13 Charleston Chew
14 Wispa
15 Toffee Crisp
16 Chomp
17 Toffee Bars
18 Zero
19 100 Grand Bar

This I think has nuts? - Curtis_Huber

20 York Peppermint Patty
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