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1 Twix

That was my favorite candy when I was a kid. Still is. You have to love the crunch and caramel in every Twix bar. MM

The Gods were angry at man. They saw the corruption, the evil, and the tyranny in our world. There was no good in our race so they planned to eradicate us off the planet. The future was bleak and as the black clouds of a raging tempest gathered overhead, one man knew he most prove our worth. The man worked tirelessly to show the good in man, he urged his people to assist in the production of something to symbolize good, but no one cared. They laughed and ignored his cries, while eating their bland chocolate bars. But this one man saw the only items worth living, caramel, chocolate, and cookies. He quickly produced the symbol of purity and love, named it "Twix" and offered it to the Gods. As they tasted his creation they smiled, and decided man is not all bad, and allowed us to live so twix may continue. So forget not the work our ancestor did to ensure our survival, eat a twix and you will be reminded of the inherent good in this world. Life is good. Twix. It's all in the mix.

Chocolate, caramel, biscuit = Twix - the best candy bar ever! - IceCream

Lots better than snickers. I like the crunch and how there are no nuts within it.

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2 Kit-Kat

If you don't love this you're insane! BEST CANDY BAR EVER! It has so many flavors to choose from! Unlike any other candy bar you can choose from more flavors than every one!

Love the new white chocolate

Take a break take a kit kat! I never get tired of that commercial gotta love every kitkat from white to chunky.

In my opinion, This is way better than Twix.

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3 Snickers

Love snickers. Once I had bought a pack of snickers; however my mother traded it with my aunt for dairy milk. I mean come on! - Scoobymad4

It's better than anything else.

There's protein bar version - BorisRule

Best chocolate bar I don't know why Twix is number 1 Snickers should be number 1

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4 Milky Way

Milky Way is the best! I love how the nougat melts into the caramel and chocolate. It makes the perfect candy bar. Nothing is better than the Milky Way!

Um... You're talking about a Mars Bar, aren't you? Milky Ways have JUST nougat in them. - kittygirl2


It is creamy with caramel that melts in your! what could every taste better? milky way is number one on my list and it will number one soon on yours, try a milky way!

Its your favorite!


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5 Butterfinger

Nobody lays a finger on my better butterfinger.

With other candy bars, you get tired of them and you start to crave cheese. But with Butterfinger, you just crave more Butterfinger. I always look at the empty wrapper and remember my wonderful candy bar. YUM!

Delicious when fresh, horrible when hard but always worth risk... I wish I had one now.

Butterfinger is probably like the best one on here! Love 'em.

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6 Hershey Bar

My favorite - CrypticMemory

I LOVE HERSHEY! I love the dark chocolate type. It's the best! It's number 1 on my list.

You can't beat the Original

Hershey will never ever be beat by any candy!

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7 3 Musketeers

Three musketeers taste so good I could marry them if I could choose one food to have for breakfast lunch and dinner I would diffidently pick three musketeers because I love the filling stuff inside and the chocolate outside and put together it taste even better it taste like heaven that is how much I like three musketeers I mean whoever invented them is a genius because they are so good if three musketeers didn't exist I don't know what I would do because I eat them when I am sad and lonely in kindergarten my would pack one in my lunch every day just to get me to actually go to school but the teacher took it away every day and she ate it she told my mom I was allowed to eat them in school but that was just so she could take them away and she could get free candy and she made me cry I never forgot that time

Chocolate overload! Perfect for chocoholics such as myself. I lost count of how many I ate during my college classes!

What are these?!?! I have never ever seen these in the shop and nobody I know eats them. So what is this '3 musketeers' bar you are talking about? - kittygirl2

I love these things! They are so good! I really want to know what's in them. I think that these are super underrated and that should be n the rank of Hershey's, Snickers, and Twix. They're by far the best chocolate candy. I would eat these things for 1 year if I could.

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8 Reese's

One of the best no question. I just wish you could get more than 2 in a typical package - Randomator

My absolute favourite - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the best candy ever. I cannot believe it isn't in the top 5. I'm Loving Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Truly scrumptious & delicious. My grown Children try to get me the biggest Reese's Cup they can find. One Year my Son bought me a Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Heart. My Son passed away in April 2012. I Loved him so much. I have two other grown Children & they are always trying to Find a bigger Reese's than the Heart, but they haven't found a Bigger one. How about a
Giant Reese's Egg or Rabbit for Easter.

So simple yet so delicious

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9 Crunch

Underrated - Randomator

Crunch is the best

Gosh. BEST CANDY EVER, GUYS. HOW DID IT NOT MAKE TOP TEN? Oh my god. Just eat it. It ps absolutely amazing, yummy crsipies

Absolutely DELICIOUS! I LOVE IT! Isn't number 1 on my list but is AWESOME out of all these candy bars. WOHOO! Wish it were ONE!

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10 Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bar

THIS IS so GOOD! If I could have a million at one time I would eat them non stop they are amazing and no candy beats it no matter what people say! This voting is crap unless you vote jerseys cookies and cream!

I don't like candy bars but I liked HERSHEY'S CREAM BAR.

This should be in the top 5 because it's really good.

Best candy bar. Has no competition. Definitely should be moved up to number one.

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11 Mars Bar

Never seen one of these - Randomator

I'm thicke than mars

Can't find it nowehere

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum - AgNetHaX

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12 100 Grand

Literally never heard of it - Randomator

I don't always eat candy bars, but when I do, I prefer 100 Grand!

100 grands are amazing but the bar isn't very big so they definitely need to make the bar bigger or else they aren't going to have very good sales in the next couple of years

BEST CANDY BAR EVER. it's like an upgraded crunch bar with caramel and more crispies and chocolate as well, competes with even twix bars

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13 Toblerone

It might be one of the most expensive, but at the same time one of the finest and therefore the greatest chocolate you could EVER TASTE!

Yeah, Toblerone! Swiss chocolate just can't be beat. The best is with raisins and nuts.

My grandpa always used to buy me this. I was dead in the inside when he had passed away. Now I swear that I will always love this and that it will always be my fave chocolate ever

Toblerone is simply the best chocolate ever. But it has to be the giant size one because it tastes different and better than the small one

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14 Baby Ruth

Anyone remember George Hamilton IV's "A Rose and a Baby Ruth"?

Are you kidding? This is the bar of choice for me, Sloth, Chunk and Babe Ruth. it's the best

Don't you know that Babe Ruth is the worst it has gotta be the last

How on Earth is this not top 25? Please vote this up to where it belongs... The Goonies are mad at you guys!

The baby Ruth bar should be the first on your list because it is the best Candy bar ever invented. I can't even believe that you would even write about the baby Ruth bar being 17th on your list. You should be ashamed of yourself. This website shouldn't even be a thing if you don't know what candy bars are good. Go Home and do your homework and research about candy bars!

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15 Take 5

This is amazing!

I used to think that Snickers was the best but man, when Take 5 came out not too long ago (or well, if it has been available for a while I hadn't found it yet), I knew that a new king had been crowned. I mean seriously, throw pretzel into a candy bar. Evil genius!

The best candy bar it's a shame I can't buy it beside a snikers anymore only time I see it is halloween now. I bought 15bags allready down to four should of bought more.

This is the best candy bar ever... It is the most underrated candy bar. They should be selling this candy bar in more stores, I can barely find them anywhere. This is like a hipster's dream come true, haha. Its like a combination of twix, kit kat, with a awesome pretzel inside that compliments the sweetness. BEST CANDY BAR EVER.

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16 Heath

Toffee with my coffee. Yum!

Best chocolate ever. The crunch and sweetness of it is just so amazing and everyone should have it all of the time

I'm pretty sure this candy bar was sent from the gods. It's so delicious and yummy! It melts right in your mouth and has the awesome crunchy toffee. I think imma go eat Heath bar now.

Amazing bar. The English Toffee and creamy Milk Chocolate just blend together and make a heaven-like feeling in you mouth. By far the BEST tasting candy bar ever.

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17 Whatchamacallit

This should be top ten!

Pure awesomeness
a thingamajig is a perfect combination of chocolate and nuts. Want a chocolate bar? Get a wachamacallit.

No other bar compares! I'm going to get one now! Mm

Every candy bar Hershey makes wrapped into one!

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18 Almond Joy

They are the best - Orlemley

Coconut. Almonds. Chocolate. No rage, no hate, no conflict, just pure blissful joy. A fitting and honest name for a mass-produced delicacy in an attractive wrapper. This magical delight will bring about world peace and save the planet.

Yuck, I personally do not enjoy almond joys they are kind of gross - harrypotter1

They are coconut almonds and chocolate all together they should be at least number ten

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19 Cadburys Dairy Milk

This is my second favorite but my favorite is not on the list please bring lunch bar on the list

What is a candy bar anyway? It a chocolate bar.
Candy bar sounds stupid.

Cadburys probably the best chocolate in the world. Hersey bars are disgusting compared to cadburys and nestle.

I grew up with Cadbury's chocolate all my life, therefore, I think this should be higher on the list. My mum tried Hershey's when she went on holiday (vacation) to America, and she said it had an aftertaste of vomit. That didn't put me off, if anything, it made me curious, but no matter how nice or nasty Hershey's is, I will always prefer Cadbury's and nestle.

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20 PayDay PayDay

Salty sweet, nutritious, eat it slow, eat it fast, either way it hits the spot.

Peanuts! Yummy the caramel melts in your mouth and you chomp down on those delicious nuts

Easily the best if you like things a little nutty!

I just ate one! Can still taste the nutty salted caramel! Tastes great!

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21 Lindt

It number1 everything before is nooo way better than Lindt

My parents lived in Switzerland so I grew up on Lindt bars and am a total chocolate snob. When I try to branch out and buy some fancy $6 bar of fair trade pretentious hippy chocolate I always regret it. Because it is always a let down in the texture and flavor department. My favorite lindt has to be dark chocolate orange but I also go for sea salt and chili all the time. I've convinced myself that it is good for me.

Should be # 10 or better, real good!

Love Red Lindt chocolates

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22 Lion Bar

The best one, I love all of its variants

Love this bar

They are amazing

Lion bar is not so bad also its equally good in taste as Take 5

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23 Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar

I love the taste, giving a awesome flavor to the original Hershey bar!

This is chocolate at it's best

I ♥ Dark Chocolate

Should be # 9.

24 Galaxy Caramel

Its bloody lush put in the top 20 at least mate - tami1998

I drool over this chocolate!

25 Hershey's Almonds

Classic Hershey's with the crunch of almonds. Delectable flavor and textures-- melt in your mouth. This has got to be hands-down my absolute favorite! - Listlover77

Love Hershey's candy bars. The Hershey's Almond is the best.

Everybody this one is super delicious

This is sooo much better than regular Hershey bar...

26 Oh Henry!

omg this is the best candy bar in the world next to cofee crisp back to topic love them and you can't deny it!

Oh henrys should be first!
They're awesome!

This is the greatest candy bar on earth.

I love this candy bar cannot bealeve it is even this late when I buy one I can't just buy one so I buy 4 and I can't wait to get out of the store to start one so the second I pay for them I start eating one

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27 Wonka Bar

It sounds really good and at school I'm in a willy wonka musical

Oh yeah the best candy on the block

I liked the cookie one it was so good so sad that it was discontinued

Wonka bars well they leave me speechless they are so good

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28 Aero

So underrated what

Tell me 'bout it it rocks baby so bubbly and refreshing and no one can tell because you smell so minty afterwards and how the hell do they get it so GORGEOUSLY green man? It should be top not stupid twix they should replace the x with a t and it'd make more sense

This is a great Chocolate Bar. The only reason it won't be number 1 is because I don't think it's available in the USA.

why the hell isn't this in the top 1 it is the best chocolate bar EVER! - bruinsfan

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29 Dove Chocolate

Best chocolate ever - blackflower

How is dove not included, this chocolate is the best, both dark and milk are so creamy smooth, you actually feel sad after it's gone. DOVE RULES

Fabulous, by far my favorite out of all of these its just not as mainstream!

So good so good. We have truly not lived until we had tasted Dove chocolate. ❤️

30 Snickers Almond

A good alternative to snickers. In case you have not heard of this, it is because you do not live in the USA and everywhere else they call it the mars bar

Better than regular Snickers should be higher. Peanuts are great but Almond's just fit with Snickers better I think

Yep snickers is the best

This at the top with snikers it's too good the nice sharp crunch of almonds Mmm I just sold two boxes of these today

31 Zero Bar

This is my favorite candy bar they have so much chocolatey goodness in them. The different types of candy yet white chocolate with carmal and nougat. DE-LIC-IOUS YUM

White chocolate dream! Great bar

This is my most favorite because the nougat is chocolate! Plus caramel covered in white chocolate. It's like a reverse twist on the classic candy bar. My favorite.

Love these. Nice change of pace once in a while. Always fun to find at a gas station.

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32 Skor

So much better than heath, the toffee in the middle is so good

I love this candy bar, so much better toffee than Heath. I have a hard time finding it and would love to know why?

What on earth! Skor is the best candy bar ever and should be at number 1!

Skor is One Of The Best In The League... Why It's #40 Is Disheartening

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33 Mr. Goodbar

The perfect candy bar. It should be number 1. I believe it would be more popular if they advertised it more. I never see commercials for Mr. Goodbar.

So good! Hershey, please promote this bar so people will realize it is amazing.

Most over looked of great candy bars. Should be in top 10 at least.

Best chocolate and peanut bar ever

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34 Mounds

This is my mom's favorite candy bar, along with Milky Way.

You like dark chocolate and coconut flakes? This one's for you. Mounds' sister candy, Almond Joy, has milk chocolate and almonds with coconut. Both are incredible.

The best for me. I love dark chocolate and coconut. This is what God gives you after entering Heaven. The fat makes me not too hungry yet is "light", plus the calories keep me going. I eat these rarely since it could become so addictive, I would fear an early grave.

Dark chocolate is the best! Milk chocolate is like drinking a light beer -- not worth the time!

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35 Crunchie

Its crunchie so no comments am the biggest fan of that gorgeous chocolate ever... Its easy.. Am in love with it...

Why is this chocolate bar only number 25? I think it is amazing, and has the greatest candy center of them all (although toblerone is a very close second)

CRUNCHIE BARS IS THE BEST! It's not too intensely sweet, and the crunch when you bite it is absolutely amazing. YES! FAVORITE!

AMAZING yum yum yum the best its crunchy plus chocolates you go try crunchie.

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36 Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted

They had the egg and then they had the bar! The center is liquid-y goodness, all sweet and the chocolate is pure deliciousness.

Amazing love love love love love it but I think it needs to be bigger

When I open a box of heroes I always take out these delicious!


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37 M&Ms Chocolate Bar

The chocolate is so milky and rich, and the mini m&ms give it the perfect texture! I'm so addicted to this candy bar!

Number 1 candy

Its just too good to even talk about

If you haven't tried it, do it! Its ok but twix is way better than this.

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38 Sky Bar

Chocolate, peanut butter, caramel and vanilla. Yum!

Great Bar for when you can't decide, FOUR bars in one!

39 Twirl

Love it, by far my fave, air has never tasted so good, and the chocolate's not bad either! - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

40 KitKat Mint
41 Cadbury Chocolate Bar

Love the Caramel one

Cadbury chocolate is the!

42 White Hershey
43 Hershey's Cookie Crunch
44 Hershey's Symphony

Sweet, creamy, buttery goodness, especially love the white chocolate version of these bars which possess a richer more pronounced flavor! - Listlover77

Probably one of their best chocolate bar creations, ever! With toffee and nuts, along with a really creamy, buttery sweet milk chocolate. I still look for them this day, even though sadly they are in short supply and can't find them anywhere.

I wish I was eating right NOW!

Should be # 5.

45 Wispa

Have you guys ever tried a wispa gold? It is exactly the same as a wispa bar but it contains a think long line of deliciously smooth caramel!

Why why WHY! Is this at number 48. Are you seriously telling me that there are 48 chocolate bars that are nicer than Wispa, that is CRAZY. It is just so soft and so nice, it's like areo but even better although, no mint flavour. Just thinking about it is making me drool. It is just one of the best things that you can put into your mouth and you put it at 48! Discraseful!

I can't live without wispa!

My favourite bar

46 Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

I like these a lot more than the regular Snickers - BlackMetalHoundoom

This just isn't real well known, or is simply in Snickers' shadow. It's FANtastic.

Ya these should be #1 God who ever made this list does not know their candy bars

You guys don't know what candy is. The squared is bae

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47 Reese's Sticks

Remember Summit bars? Close as you can get these days.

! Amazingness in a wrapper!

Best e et

48 Hershey's Kisses Hershey's Kisses
49 Hershey's Hugs
50 Galaxy Ripple

I love this so much

Dis choco bar is awseome....


Heavenly and yummy indeed! - BigBoss

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