Um come on guys out of the all of them kit kat wins chocolaty crunchy waffery and um the cool snapable patterns to get a piece oh yeah. Oh and Reeses is the god of all candy unfortunately can't exist in this list because it ascends the shape of a bar because it is so much more well rounded and its god to the other candies but anyways off topic um the kit kat is reese right hand man. - poopslider

Kit Kats are absolutely amazing, if we're being honest, I've never tasted a better chocolate bar. It's just layers and layers of chocolate and inside it's biscuit then caramel then biscuit well you get the idea.

P.S. please support Manchester United. Come on Wayne Rooney. No offense to all the other teams. Bye

Don't you crave a crunch! I don't know why it isn't first! Trust me if you don't wanna peice of this... You CRAZY! I still enjoy them when they are all melty just dripping into your mouth like it was meant to be there all along!

Kit-kat is way better than snickers! This will always be the best candy bar anybody will ever eat!

I vote for Kit-Kat because it's SO GOOD! I'm allergic to peanuts so unfortunately I've never tried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers, or Snickers. But I've tried Kit-Kat, and it's heavenly good. Nothing can beat it!

Kit Kat is amazing because it has that wonderful crunch and smooth chocolate taste. It just does everything for your sweet needs.

Best chocolate ever I always eat it even when I am a grown up. At Halloween I eat tons of kit kat which I love kit kat is number.1 chocolate ever... Just best, perfect

I love kit kats I think they are the best chocolate candy there is. I think the first time I had them was when they were in the the commercials and they looked so good and I went to the store and there the were and I bit into it I just fell in love

I don't know why I love Kit-Kats so much. They're so simple... But they're so good. I like that they are easy to share too, It's segments make it easy to break it in half and share it. It's definitely my personal favorite.

Kit kat is best bar ever, I've been eating it since I was a baby. TRUST ME THIS IS THE BEST BAR EVER, by the way this gonna be awesome for Halloween!

I like to nibble off the chocolate edges first. The best. I steal these off peoples desks. My kids know to empty their Halloween bags or gift bags from b'day parties of ALL Kit-Kats. They might as well... I will just steal them while they sleep. #1 baby!

I absolutely adore Kit-Kat! The first chew on the chocolate and the crunchy wafer convinces me that this is the best candy bar. I'd say the Halloween Kit-Kat is the best. Only issue is when you finish eating it.

They are so good! I once bought a whole halloween package of them when I was feeling sick... And I wouldn't like to admit that I ate it all

THIS IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE BAR EVER! WHY isn't THIS NUMBER 1! Everyone should know this is the famous chocolate bar and without Kit Kat I would not have life!

I love Kit-Kat! It has many cool flavours and it's funny to say! How the heck could Twix beat this? I see why Snickers but Twix?!?!? This list sucks...

Kit kat is the best chocolate candy of all time... If you don't like it you're insane, cause this is the best and has the most flavors.

Kit-Kat is the best candy bar ever, it has a smooth tasty chocolate with some wafers on the inside! Twix just is so bad, I'm a Twix hater. But whatever, I definitely think that Kit-Kat should be first place.

Mint; my absolute favourite chocolate bar in all of human history! Awesome stuff; I cherish every molecule of this stuff!

Another vote for Kit-Kat. I prefer the chunky bar version. It has bigger wafer and thicker chocolate. I also find it less guilty to consume because it is not all chocolate.

As my niece would say... 'I don't care what flavor chocolate, I just want some, but Kitty Kats are my favorites! " (she's 3)

So crispy on the inside, yet the chocolate has so much flavor. This is not a gift from man to god, but instead from god to man, since only a god could make something so deliciously tasty.

It is not as overwhelming, like the bars with caramel and it never gets old. Just the right mixture of chocolate and wafer. My favorite candy bar. Seriously.

Kit Kats are great. They split up individually so you can share them, but who are you kidding, your eating them all by yourself because they are so good!

Kit-Kats should be number 1! They're the BEST CANDY BAR EVER! They're perfectly crunchy but still really chocolatey and sweet

Ok I got 13 words for U... If you don't like kit kats you are stupid and need a life. Because the sweetness in your mouth is so dreamy