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21 Whatchamacallit

Pure awesomeness
a thingamajig is a perfect combination of chocolate and nuts. Want a chocolate bar? Get a wachamacallit.

No other bar compares! I'm going to get one now! Mm

Every candy bar Hershey makes wrapped into one!

Like the son of payday and butter finger!

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22 Fast Break

They is so dang good yum it is like eating a baby angel so delicious I would eat them all day om nom nom makes me drool thinking about it

The first time I ate a fast break it became my favorite candy bar! I felt bad since I had been loyal to milky ways the previous 35 years! I think it is perfection.

These are like the best! These should be all the way at the top. If I had to choose this would have to be my favorite candy bar of all time. This candy is heaven.

Pretty damn filthy.

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23 Crunchie

Its crunchie so no comments am the biggest fan of that gorgeous chocolate ever... Its easy.. Am in love with it...

Why is this chocolate bar only number 25? I think it is amazing, and has the greatest candy center of them all (although toblerone is a very close second)

CRUNCHIE BARS IS THE BEST! It's not too intensely sweet, and the crunch when you bite it is absolutely amazing. YES! FAVORITE!

Crunchie is perfect. When I'm depressed I eat one of these bars and become the happiest person alive

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24 Wonka Bar

Oh yeah the best candy on the block

I liked the cookie one it was so good so sad that it was discontinued

Wonka bars well they leave me speechless they are so good

SOOO expensive

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25 Oh Henry!

omg this is the best candy bar in the world next to cofee crisp back to topic love them and you can't deny it!

Oh henrys should be first!
They're awesome!

This is the greatest candy bar on earth.


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26 Lion Bar

Lion bar is not so bad also its equally good in taste as Take 5

I only heard of these in Iceland! They exist else where?

Very good! Exist in Bulgaria!

The best.

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27 Aero

Tell me 'bout it it rocks baby so bubbly and refreshing and no one can tell because you smell so minty afterwards and how the hell do they get it so GORGEOUSLY green man? It should be top not stupid twix they should replace the x with a t and it'd make more sense

This is a great Chocolate Bar. The only reason it won't be number 1 is because I don't think it's available in the USA.

why the hell isn't this in the top 1 it is the best chocolate bar EVER! - bruinsfan

Lol you get Donald Trump, we get Aero bars!

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28 Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar

I love the taste, giving a awesome flavor to the original Hershey bar!

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29 Galaxy Caramel

Its bloody lush put in the top 20 at least mate - tami1998

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30 Dove Chocolate

How is dove not included, this chocolate is the best, both dark and milk are so creamy smooth, you actually feel sad after it's gone. DOVE RULES

Fabulous, by far my favorite out of all of these its just not as mainstream!

So good so good. We have truly not lived until we had tasted Dove chocolate. ❤️

31 Mounds

You like dark chocolate and coconut flakes? This one's for you. Mounds' sister candy, Almond Joy, has milk chocolate and almonds with coconut. Both are incredible.

The best for me. I love dark chocolate and coconut. This is what God gives you after entering Heaven. The fat makes me not too hungry yet is "light", plus the calories keep me going. I eat these rarely since it could become so addictive, I would fear an early grave.

Dark chocolate is the best! Milk chocolate is like drinking a light beer -- not worth the time!

Dark chocolate with coconut. What could be better

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32 Lindt

My parents lived in Switzerland so I grew up on Lindt bars and am a total chocolate snob. When I try to branch out and buy some fancy $6 bar of fair trade pretentious hippy chocolate I always regret it. Because it is always a let down in the texture and flavor department. My favorite lindt has to be dark chocolate orange but I also go for sea salt and chili all the time. I've convinced myself that it is good for me.

Should be # 10 or better, real good!

Love Red Lindt chocolates

so fin

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33 Yorkie Yorkie The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, to catch rats in clothing mills.

Makes a cool yummmy treat for my tummy after I eat.

I get this every day on my way to work!

A great classic chocolate bar.

This is an awesome candy. plus it is named after a dog. so who wouldn't like it.

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34 Zero Bar

This is my most favorite because the nougat is chocolate! Plus caramel covered in white chocolate. It's like a reverse twist on the classic candy bar. My favorite.

Love these. Nice change of pace once in a while. Always fun to find at a gas station.

Along with the Polar Bar, simply a great candy bar

I love these slightly frozen.

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35 Caramel Godiva Bar
36 Skor

I love this candy bar, so much better toffee than Heath. I have a hard time finding it and would love to know why?

What on earth! Skor is the best candy bar ever and should be at number 1!

Skor is One Of The Best In The League... Why It's #40 Is Disheartening

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37 Double Decker V 1 Comment
38 Snickers Almond

A good alternative to snickers. In case you have not heard of this, it is because you do not live in the USA and everywhere else they call it the mars bar

Better than regular Snickers should be higher. Peanuts are great but Almond's just fit with Snickers better I think

This at the top with snikers it's too good the nice sharp crunch of almonds Mmm I just sold two boxes of these today

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39 Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted

They had the egg and then they had the bar! The center is liquid-y goodness, all sweet and the chocolate is pure deliciousness.

Amazing love love love love love it but I think it needs to be bigger

When I open a box of heroes I always take out these delicious!

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40 Reese's Sticks

Remember Summit bars? Close as you can get these days.

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