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41 Starbar

Best chocolate bar ever

Nice chocolate

42 Wispa

Have you guys ever tried a wispa gold? It is exactly the same as a wispa bar but it contains a think long line of deliciously smooth caramel!

Why why WHY! Is this at number 48. Are you seriously telling me that there are 48 chocolate bars that are nicer than Wispa, that is CRAZY. It is just so soft and so nice, it's like areo but even better although, no mint flavour. Just thinking about it is making me drool. It is just one of the best things that you can put into your mouth and you put it at 48! Discraseful!

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43 Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

Peanut chews are delicious straight from the fridge or right off of the shelve. They are great to share in a crowd. The best mini candy bars ever.

Just Born had the wisdom to bring back this Philadelphia (since 1917) knock your socks off candy.

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44 Caramilk

the milk chocolate is delicious - ronluna

Mm caramely goodness so delightful. Makes me taste buds scream for more.

Beast caramilk for dear vin

Should be # 4.

45 Sky Bar

Chocolate, peanut butter, caramel and vanilla. Yum!

Great Bar for when you can't decide, FOUR bars in one!

46 Zero

Best candy bar ever. It takes me back to my youth. When I was 8 years old my grand dad bought me my first one. I can remember the taste, the touch, the feel, to this very day. Absolutely amazing.

So good. I love this candy bar. I believe, honestly, that America was founded on the zero bar. Mr. Washington, we love you. Thanks. I do believe I will eat one right away.

BEST CANDY BAR OF ALL TIME! It is super under-rated which devastates my soul- I mean come on! It has a peanut/almond nougat- that is blanketed with a layer of caramel (not too much either- like a Snickers and not like a Carmello). This caramel-covered nougat is ten dipped in white chocolate. It is amazing and needs to be recognized!


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47 Twirl

Love it, by far my fave, air has never tasted so good, and the chocolate's not bad either! - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

48 Boost

Oh come on all the way down here :( and can you guys tell me why Snickers (1st) is even on this list. Since when did anybody buy them!?

Boost is amazing, it has everything. Chocolate, truffle, caramel, crunchy bits... Boost is love. Boost is life.

omg, I eat one nearly evrey day - chip123polo

49 KitKat Mint
50 Cadbury Chocolate Bar

Love the Caramel one

Cadbury chocolate is the!

51 White Hershey
52 Nutrageous

The greatest candy bar I've ever eaten (which says a lot). It is very unfortunate that I can no longer find them in the stores. Typical, when something is THIS good...doesn't have enough of a wide appeal (like a great cult movie).

I love this candy bar. I don't have any teeth to chew the peanuts but it is wonderful even though I can only enjoy the soft part. Unfortunately, I have to spit out and throw away the peanuts. I can't imagine how great it must really be if only I could chew the peanuts too.

Easily the greatest candy bar in the world. I just wished they were sold everywhere, because they are hard to find where I live.

Best bar ever!

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53 Hershey's Almonds

Love Hershey's candy bars. The Hershey's Almond is the best.

Everybody this one is super delicious

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54 Godiva Dark Chocolate Bar


55 Cadbury Twirl
56 Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

This just isn't real well known, or is simply in Snickers' shadow. It's FANtastic.

Ya these should be #1 God who ever made this list does not know their candy bars

You guys don't know what candy is. The squared is bae

They taste like heaven, they really do!

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57 Daim

HOW is this not higher up?! Maybe you can't get it in America or something, cause it's absulutly stunning, literally the best thing I have ever tasted!

Its just swedish

So good mmm

58 KitKat Caramel

I have never had a kitkat caramel but if I did I would probably like it because I am a fan of chocolate, caramel, chocolate chips, peanutbutter and anything like cookie dough or cookies n creme.

59 Cadbury Marvellous Creations
60 Zagnut

Love them. But they are hard to find I always get one when wd eat at cracker barrel. They keep them in stock all the time as well as a lot of the older candy

Absolutely. Its a Clark bar with a cover of sugary nut-like taffylike candy.

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