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61 Curly Wurly

They are so chewy that it made one of my teeth come out! Also they can be really really messy on a sunny day and sometimes the chocolate covering the yummy inside comes off when you open the wrapper!

I live in America these are so good not many people know about it so that is why it's #57 but if more people new about it it would be #1

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62 Galaxy Ripple

Dis choco bar is awseome....


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63 Twix Peanut Butter V 2 Comments
64 Galaxy Bar
65 5th Avenue

THIS. This bar... so underrated. FAR superior to Butterfinger, and even better than Clark (which is also superior to Butterfinger). If you're tempted to complain that "Butterfinger is better! " it's because you're married to Butterfinger, or simply like it a lot. Try a 5th Avenue. It's been my favorite bar of this type for decades, with it's richer, flakier center that tastes more authentically like peanut butter. By comparison, Butterfinger is odd orange goo that gets stuck in your teeth. And the quality of the chocolate is much better too.

Literally delicious.. I just had my first one like thirty seconds ago.. It prompted me to Google "5th avenue candy bar delicious, " and I found this page.. Instant convert.. New favorite.. They need a better marketing strategy

I eat em. I put them in my mouth. I chew them. I swallow them. I lick my lips of them. I believe in them.

So hard to find nymore

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66 Jersey Milk

You can't beat perfect, solid chocolate. - BKAllmighty

67 Toffee Crisp
68 Picnic
69 After Eight

Has this world forgotten about midnight feasts! I hart After Eight

Goodness gracious, I could murder an entire box in one sitting.

After eights are... BEAST!

Why is it 65th? This should be 3rd or something.

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70 Nougat Bar
71 Kinder Riegel

The lovely chocolate bar fro Germany. Who doesn't like milk in chocolate? 1

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72 Flake

Seems insane that Cadbury's flakes are not in the list yet.

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73 Areo

So gorgeous and lush especially the mint my fave so bubbly and the advert with the skateboarder and that bo bo bo bo boh of that ABC song is so AMAZING lovin it

74 Freddo

There's nothing better than eating a chocolate frog!

75 Krackel

Hershey's version of Crunch. Enough said.

76 Big Hunk

I luvs it so very much it is epic to infinity... And stuff... EAT IT... OR ELSE... YOU Will DIE!

77 KitKat White V 1 Comment
78 Fudge

So maybe it isn't a candy bar, but any self respecting person knows that fudge is the way to go.

79 Kinder Bueno White

So awesome should be at least top 20

80 Symphony Toffee and Almond

Symphony candy bar: the worlds best kept secret. Shh, let them keep eating Snickers an Twix...

It has delightful almonds toffee! The crispy, buttery flavor of the toffee plus the crunchy, nutty flavor of the almond just make me go WOW!

Hidden gem in the candy bar world. I only buy it in the large variety as it runs out to quickly otherwise.

Should be ranked much higher.

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