Top Ten Best Candy Bars

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81 Kit Kat Extra Crispy

Kit Kat forever

82 Kit Kat Chunky
83 Twin Bing

Must be a Midwestern thing. Love them.

84 Kit Kat Chunky White
85 Coffee Crisp

They are so good the crunch when you bit and the overall goodness

This would be much, MUCH higher up the list if Americans could buy them! - Xean45

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86 Violet Crumble

The Australian version of the Crunchie, but EVEN more melt-in-your-mouth, doesn't break your teeth as easy (hence 'Crumble') and a wonderfully fabulous wrapper! What's not to love?!

87 Caramac
88 Milky Way Midnight

I wasn't a dark chocolate fan until I found this delicious treat in my kids Halloween bag, the way it makes me feel is magic. it can turn a frown upside down

I especially like the dark chocolate covering!

Used to be Forever Yours, will always be mine!

If this were still Forever Yours, it'd be much higher on the list. Why M&M/Mars is so willing to sacrifice their history and tradition, I'll never know...

RIP Mars bar too...

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89 Salted Nut Roll

Grew up on these, wish they were easier to find, could eat them all day!

I don't know what was in it BUT it was always good to me

90 Dark Nestlé Crunch with Caramel

The caramel just oozes out.

91 53
92 Eat-More

Do any one else hate snickers

Must be Canadian eh! Eat em cold!

What even is this candy?

Way higher up list not even close to 95

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93 Clark Bar

See my comment above, about 5th Avenue. Superior to a Butterfinger (but not to the 5th...)

I mean come on! Last place? This candy is the best ever.

94 M&Ms Chocolate Bar

The chocolate is so milky and rich, and the mini m&ms give it the perfect texture! I'm so addicted to this candy bar!

Number 1 candy

Its just too good to even talk about


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95 Thingamajig
96 Rocky Road

These seem to be from a bygone era with their red metallic wrap- but are of the very few; if any that have pecans, marshmallow and chocolate altogether in a Heavenly combination. Wow- when society ends and these are forgotten- they of the future will have said oh how good they really had it back then!

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97 Hershey's Symphony

Probably one of their best chocolate bar creations, ever! With toffee and nuts, along with a really creamy, buttery sweet milk chocolate. I still look for them this day, even though sadly they are in short supply and can't find them anywhere.

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98 3Bit
99 Cadbury Mr. Big
100 Picnics
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