Top Ten Best Candy Bars

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101 Tupla
102 5 Star
103 Kinder Cereali

Milk chocolate with rice crisps. How could it be even better than that?

104 Wazoo Bar V 2 Comments
105 Milka V 1 Comment
106 Pesek Zman V 1 Comment
107 Twix White
108 Ring Pop Ring Pop

Not a candy bar but I don't like chocolate so ill take this

109 Wispa Gold

A normal wispa but with a smooth layer of caramel inside it

110 Munch V 1 Comment
111 Carlos V

Why no love for carlos v there good

112 Crunch White
113 Perk V 2 Comments
114 Belnuga
115 Chunky

Square this bar up to the others and you'll see it has quite a kick above the rest!

Chunky; what a chuck a chocolate.

I loved chunky ever since I was a boy well over 50 years ago JUST LOVE IT

It's thicker-er!

V 4 Comments
116 Fry's Turkish Delight

So sweet and juicy! I love the filling!

117 Hershey Bar with Nuts

How could you go wrong with chocolate but with nuts amazing

I don't like nuts but with chocolate, it's great!

V 1 Comment
118 Kinder Bueno

These are amazing! I've enjoyed them for years.

Nothing like hazelnut covered in chocolate.

These are wow! Officially my favorite chocolate! They're even better than snickers! I got tired of snickers years ago!

The best candy bar ever! It's so creamy and crunchy, just delicious!

What this tast wonderful. why are the on the nummer 125

V 9 Comments
119 Bounty

Crazy amounts of sweet but, come on. Coconut and chocolate, how can you resist that gorgeous thing?

For every coconut maniac and just people with a sweet tooth in general, this is probably one of the best candy bars out there. Period.

Bounty is underrated. Although it means we get all the celebrations. He He


V 6 Comments
120 Charleston Chew

The Charleston Chew IS the best chocolate bar ever made. It is even better frozen! (;

Tastes like a chocolate covered ice cream bar but you don't need to keep it in the freezer

Way too under appreciated

I love Charleston Chews. My 3 favorite candy bars are 100 Grand, Heath, and Charleston Chews. I prefer the original vanilla flavor but the others are nice.

V 8 Comments
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