Top Ten Best Candy Bars

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121 Kinder Bueno

These are amazing! I've enjoyed them for years.

Nothing like hazelnut covered in chocolate.

These are wow! Officially my favorite chocolate! They're even better than snickers! I got tired of snickers years ago!

The best candy bar ever! It's so creamy and crunchy, just delicious!

What this tast wonderful. why are the on the nummer 125

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122 Bounty

Crazy amounts of sweet but, come on. Coconut and chocolate, how can you resist that gorgeous thing?

For every coconut maniac and just people with a sweet tooth in general, this is probably one of the best candy bars out there. Period.

Bounty is underrated. Although it means we get all the celebrations. He He


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123 Charleston Chew

The Charleston Chew IS the best chocolate bar ever made. It is even better frozen! (;

Tastes like a chocolate covered ice cream bar but you don't need to keep it in the freezer

Way too under appreciated

I love Charleston Chews. My 3 favorite candy bars are 100 Grand, Heath, and Charleston Chews. I prefer the original vanilla flavor but the others are nice.

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124 Caramello

I love how the carmel gets all over my hands as I'm eating them. Oh man, I got to go buy me one right now!

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125 Chokito

An Icon! They are indescribeable! The only option after a surf with a bundaberg ginger beer chaser!

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126 Hershey's Air Delight V 1 Comment
127 Marathon

They don't make 'em anymore, but they were good and they lasted a long, long time.

Ok, there is something seriously wrong with this topten website, not only they don't know what ten means, I does not mean 6 or 12 or 50 or 100...10 means 10, but whoever rates this stuff, especially this candy bar, is delusional...this candy bar is in the top 3 next to snickers and hesheys

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128 Chick O' Stick

Peanut butter and coconut is so good

129 Lindt Truffles White Choclate V 1 Comment
130 Dairy Milk Crackle
131 HomeMade
132 Wasabi Kit Kat
133 Topic

MMM apples and zoos

134 Time Out
135 Green Tea Kit Kat

I just love the fact this exists.

136 Godiva Milk Chocolate Almond Bar
137 Sugar Daddy's

This bar is hard caramel and you have to suck on them and when soft bite into them. Be carful these little candies can break your teeth

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138 Amicelli
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