Top 10 Cannibal Corpse Song Titles with One Word Replaced with Cookie

As many would say Cannibal Corpse sounds like if the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street made Death Metal because of the vocal style of Chris Barnes and Corpsegrinder so just for fun this list will be song titles from Cannibal Corpse and replace one word replaced with Cookie and i made this list for fun

The Top Ten

1 Make Them Cookies (Make Them Suffer)

Make ME cookies instead!

2 Hammer Smashed Cookie (Hammer Smashed Face)

Someone on YouTube made a funny video parodying this song with the Cookie Monster singing it look it up on YouTube - christangrant

3 Staring Through The Eyes Of The Cookie (Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead)
4 Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cookie (Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's C***)
5 I Will Kill Cookies (I Will Kill You)
6 As Deep As the Cookie Will Go (As Deep As the Knife Will Go)
7 F**ked with a Cookie (F**ked with a Knife)
8 Five Nails Through the Cookie (Five Nails Through the Neck)
9 A Skull Full of Cookies (A Skull Full of Maggots)
10 Shredded Cookies (Shredded Humans)

The Contenders

11 Under the Rotted Cookie (Under the Rotted Flesh)
12 From Skin to Cookie (From Skin to Liquid)
13 Death Walking Cookie (Death Walking Terror)
14 Shatter Their Cookies (Shatter Their Bones)
15 She Was Asking for Cookies (She Was Asking for It)
16 Buried in the Cookie (Buried in the Backyard)
17 Dead Cookie Collection (Dead Human Collection)
18 Cookiefeeder (Coffinfeeder)
19 Born in a Cookie (Born in a Casket)
20 Unite the Cookie (Unite the Dead)
21 A Cauldron of Cookies (A Cauldron of Hate)
22 Hollowed Cookies (Hollowed Bodies)
23 Pit of Cookies (Pit of Zombies)
24 Beyond the Cookie (Beyond the Cemetery)
25 Cookie of Iron (Scourge of Iron)
26 I C** Cookies (I C** Blood)
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