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21 Jeep

Jeep wrangler is the best car, most reliable and efficient in tough conditions, other cars are only efficient and reliable on normal roads but jeep wrangler is fabulous in every condition I.E. normal roads, motor ways, mountains, deserters etc.

Jeep vehicles are good for the poor villagers and also good for teachers those who are working in villages areas...

Ours is a social organisation we are working for the poor farmers we need 2 jeeps for support to poor farmers as a lively hood project


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22 Land Rover

Its obvious why Jaguar Land rover really... The Range rover, Evoque, Sport, Discovery 4, Free lander 2, XJ, XF, XK! The cars speek it all! And there British! Just look at the interiors! BEAUTIFUL! Not like boring BMW's

Wherever the Indian goes make the world small in front of us...

whatever it may be if there is an Indian touch it is of high quality

A range would easily defeat a rolls royce

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23 Nissan Nissan

I like the nissan gtr with its v6 and fastest transmission speed it can beat an audi r8

Nissan is my dream because nissan is the best car company of the world. Nissan is the best and very good ferrari, mercedes, and all company good but nissan number 1 company of the world

Best innovator and has created some of the best cars in the world, both performance and reliability. Example: Nissan Skyline GT-R, Silvia, Z cars and others.

And also one on the best accelerating cars in the world :- NISSAN GTR

Best cars ever. Pathfinder, Micra, Tiida, X-Trail, Pulsar and Maxima are my favourites!

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24 Lexus

Are you kidding me? The lexus IS-F is faster than a mercedes S550, it has a bigger engine, gets higher reliability, is cooler, and it costs over thirty grand less than the benz, and it is owned by toyota, the company with the highest reliability according to consumer reports. In fact, toyota won five of the ten best car awards, while benz won zero, as did BMW, as did audi, as did every other brand that is from europe, Japan won 7 best car awards, korea won one(hyundai), america, two, and if you know how to count than you'll see that european brand won zero awards. That's right, ZERO, ZIPP, ZILCH! Go toyota/lexus/scion!

Lexus produce the most best cars in the world when I get money I will use it to purchase one LX570, LS600h, GS11

I have land cruiser from toyota but still looking forward to get the lexus land cruiser it's the most perfect car I ever seen

Because Lexus looks...

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25 Dodge

This Snake Packs Venom

Under the Viper's long hood is the hand-built, all-aluminum 8.4-liter V10 that Viper owners have come to know, love and fear in their SRT-powered snakes. In its latest form it delivers 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, giving it the most torque of any naturally aspirated production car engine in the world. Improvements to make those numbers possible include a new, ultra-high flow and lightweight composite intake manifold, high-strength forged pistons, sodium-filled exhaust valves, new catalysts to reduce back pressure and an aluminum flywheel that reduces reciprocating losses.

Despite all of the upgrades to the engine, Dodge engineers actually managed to shed over 25 lbs of weight - just from the engine. In terms of the entire vehicle, roughly 100 lbs have been dropped, partially due to the all-new aluminum and carbon fiber body. Returning to the powertrain, the 8.4-liter V10 is mated to a Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission with an ...more

MAN this should be #1! Ha ha ha! Hiondi is last! They suck! I owned a hiondiy and it broke down six times! The dodge grand caravan is the best you could play video games in there holds seven people too I know!

LOVE Dodge products; purchased a convertible for my daughter for college in 1997 and she drove it forever. Purchased a Caravan in 2000 for myself and drove it 150,000 miles and finally decided to buy a new car. Wish I had kept the Caravan and just had problems fixed at a garage.

Come on. A Ferrari may have speed, but shove an F40 and a Demon Challenger in a Drag race. It's no contest. #MakeAmericanMuscleGreatAgain - Kolobanov

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26 Range Rover

This is very enzymatic and joyful journey in the car

A range rover would easily beat a rolls Royce

I have a Range Rover and I love it

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27 Maserati

Maserati are the best. Good looking, fast, comfortable and spacey

I am vijay from India. I like the models which are available in Maserati. And style of cars are very like full. And I wish to be a TOP ONE automobile company in the world. I LOVE MASERATI

One of the Italian car comppanies that "own them selves". This car is fast and spacious too, It should be on the top 10 list. I do like some of the other car companies from Germany, Italy, etc. But this car is one of the ones I plan on buying.

Maserati are the best, they've been in F1, are very sportives, luxurious.
I love the LIONEL MESSI's car

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28 Cadillac

These are some of the best luxury cars, Period. Strong, beautiful, and simply something you would want to get an never let go of. No wonder the US government uses them.

My family has quite a few cadillacs and we all agree that they are good cars.

Yes love the style that is becoming more sporty looking and stylish.

1963 the best

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29 Fiat

It won't let you down. You will never be worried about your FIAT failing on you. You'll only take it to the shop for services and after crashes.

It should come in top 10 at least being a manufacturer of number one company ferrari

This company give cars with high performance of engine, beautiful look and it never let us down. Must be among top 30

I have a fiat punto it is a perfect city car

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30 Subaru

The abosilute best cars ever... Always overlooked only because the brand is a niche brand and instead of seeking out others car companies customers... I see that they focus on building relationships with their current customers and being past-down from generation to generation as they last long enough to do so... Super reliable, and safety is another key aspect to the companies reign. Also, what other companies out there keep having sales increase? Not to sure, But Subaru is one of them

Great cars, safe, reliable, great handling and great driver prediction of on road behaviour, perfect for icy and wet conditions as well. Customer service and dealership servicing is top notch and affordable.

Subaru has had the most dominant AWD cars in rally racing and on the street. My WRX is definitely the most fun with a turbo and a decent price tag I have ever experienced.

Performance comfort and speed

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31 Maybach

I cannot believe how low this is on the list. Maybach hand builds high-quality cars that ate not only stunning on the outside, but also on the inside, and in terms of performance. Just look at a picture of one. They make a Rolls Royce look like a Power Wheels.

No doubt, finest luxury cars in the world are from maybach. The phantom and the ghost are the awesome luxury cars...

Is would be higher if more people knew what it is

Should be way higher up on the list

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32 Volvo Volvo

Volvo focuses on people's safety first! They care about safety and protecting us, more than just making a luxary car, thumbs up!

Volvo should be much higher on this list. Expensive but very beautiful cars - Alexandr

Very underrated and discreet, also of late they have produced some really very good looking cars. As well as being incredibly safe. Definitely should be higher up the list.

Cheap,safe and some models super fast.

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33 Corvette

Corvette's are the least expensive premium sports car on the market and the quality is unmatched by any other company for such a price! Love the new C7!

Super Cool, this car is nice, built by Chevrolet, and is super cool. The front is sick, and so as the back, the interior is awesome, and for 75K. THAT'S CHEAP FOR AWESOMENESS! This deserves a top ten. - floridiancat

This is a spam


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34 Mini

The cooper S... I love it.

These are so cool!

It I s a too small and lovable

35 Vauxhall Vauxhall

Very good car brand. Never fails to meet expectations, also looks great in pretty much every colour and shade.

Nice car with pretty good engine! !

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36 Skoda


The best cars. The car's of quality. And I love the logo

Brilliant cars with the the long a interesting history. One of the last symbols of the czech patriotism. I know, Skoda is property of Volkswagen now. However, when I watch the Ice Hockey World Championships, I see logo Skoda, not logo VOLKSWAGEN.

It's the best car I have come to know

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37 Shelby SuperCars

My Favourite Company And Car Shelby Ultimate Aero And Ssc Tuatara

Favorite car company the vehicles were built to last and were designed by great engineers who wanted them to fly

Shelby is unmatched by all other car companies... Go Shelby (Ford)

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38 Lotus

Lotus cars are great personally the elise it's affordable fast enough and luxurious!

Lotuses are very luxury cars which stand out amongst the rest. I wonder why Lotus is not even in the top 10.

Fantastic cars! Been to the factory in Norwich, it is sublime!

More performance for less money

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39 Lancia

Greatest Rally Car of all time by far. Only flaw was the body quality, but it was only that way because they were one of the only car companies actually willing to take a risk every once in a while. They stuck out their necks, and showed some courage. Lancia is the best by far.

No other car deserves to be at the top more than Lancia. It won 7 rally championships, and even though their cars might have a few problems, they have something Ferrari has never had: real heart and soul.

I'm staggered that Lancia is this low. The greatest and most beautiful and exuberant of all, which perfectly sums up what a sport car should make you feel, that's the perfect car, an unmatched legacy, with more humble roots and foundations than any other Italian marque. Forget the build quality, forget the rust, forget the Beta, that doesn't matter, EVERY other car that came out of their factory was oozing with automotive passion, and can you name any other car make that can boast that?

Ford 2nd
Nissan 3rd

Fiat and Lancia certainly the worst of the worst cars ever made.
Not reliable at all, noisy, old fashioned, kitsch, uncomfortable, noisy, polluting... And coming from southern Europe, enough said.

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40 Buick

Old Buicks are the most comfortable and luxurious cars I have ever known.

Buick has a strong record of reliability. I've had my 2003 Buick Century for almost 7 years and haven't had single problem with it.

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