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41 Pontiac

Amazing quality. Lasted many years. Great cars all together

Probably will run out of business in a couple years lol

Pontiac is the best because they have that beaififul pontiac sltoice

42 Peugeot

Peugeot 206 is a reliable, economic and sport car that is driven by lots of people in Iran.
I wish Peugeot company can introduce new models in Iran.

The 504 had made greatest name among all cars in Africa and is still valued especially in Nigeria till date by commercial drivers
I wish the company can make a newer model of it with glamour

Peugeot are really economics and reliable cars but unnfortunately not known in America.

Peugeot is the only thing worse than Toyota

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43 Duesenberg

Very stylish cars built by hand... Its hard to find an automaker who will put this kind of thought in

Best cars ever made for that era. Every one is highly collectible. Very classy.

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44 Chrysler

Top quality ever in the world. Very long lasting and really luxury style

Best car brand I have ever owned. If you want value for money and quality consider chrysler.

No one on this list has a Ferrari or a lambo these are quality cars made in Detroit. And if you want a supercar look up the chrysler me 4 12

Should be in the to 25

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45 DeLorean Motor Company

This marquee was put out of business, thrown in jail, and has been there for, like, forever! Now, I like DeLorean, but get some common sense, people!

The First stainless steel car. Top speed 200kmh (fast for a 2 ton car from 1980). Famous thanks to Back To The Future. Only 9000 in the world.

DeLorean was like breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Cool, Crazy yet a work of masterpiece.

A DeLorean DMC-12 starred in the movie Back to the Future, and got famous. Plus, haven't you seen the great styling? And what a great idea, no paint so that no scratches would show on the finish! But still, this guy, John DeLorean, was IN JAIL. Really, peoples. No car is perfect, but, really?

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46 Smart

These cars look like a joke. Get into a car accident in one of these and I pray for your life - Mcgillacuddy

I can't believe this is higher than Mercury and Acura. Acuras rock. Smart has a jerky ride, poor mileage for the size, ugly looks, cheap interior, and you don't save gas money with premium fuel. Acura TL is my dream car, high performance engine, good looking, crap mileage but good for the size, luxurious interior, perfect luxury sporty crossover, and at least with Acuras and Mercedes and BMW buying premium fuel is worth the quality.

One word : ugly. Even the Crossblade. Especially the Crossblade.

47 Tesla

Tesla makes the quickest and safest cars on the road, they drive great and they look fantastic. Their sedan the Model S can do 0-100 in 2.8 seconds and their SUV the Model X can do it in 3.2, faster then most sports cars. Oh and did I mention they're electric. They are built from the ground up as an electric car allowing some unique designs that give it an edge over standard vehicles. The battery is flat on the bottom of the car giving it a very low center of gravity the motors are also compact and located by the wheels opening up the area where the engine would be for a second trunk which added to large trunk (which can be configured with two extra seats) gives them lots of storage. There cars are the safest cars on the road achieving a 5-star safety rating in every category and even breaking the testing equipment. They are also sleek and good looking in the interior and exterior.

Tesla is a luxurious car. It is safer and quicker than anyone else on the list. It simply drives better than the competition. There is no noise or jerky shifting. As a bonus it cost almost nothing to drive, about $5 to fill up.

Obviously the Tesla Model S is the best car in the world today.

It looks super sleek and luxurious. It's also electric and that'll help the environment. Honestly a beautiful car

Tesla is just Ruling the Future we all already know that!

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48 Cord V 1 Comment
49 GMC

I have owned GMC Trucks since 1950... Very dependable, good mileage, smooth
Running, easy to drive.

I really love jeep I don't know why it takes 20th place

50 Auburn V 1 Comment
51 Hummer

My favorite car in the world. It's looking awesome. Well speed and nice control. I like to buy one car for my life. I'll be buy definitely.

Just awesome machine... Giant... Rude...

This number 1 car company in world

Hummer best SUV in the car history after land rover

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52 TVR

TVR has created a lot of beautifulness in their sports cars, my favorite car is the Sagaris.

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53 Rover
54 Stutz V 1 Comment
55 Fisker

Should be higher - great thinking

I'm surprised I'm not the only one whose heard of Fisker. I just love the Karma!

56 Fornasari V 1 Comment
57 Mercury

Mercury vehicles may be slightly badge engineered Fords, but they are still a better vehicle than Buick. I may possibly always buy a Mercury.

It is one of the best car company which made great luxuries cars..

Wha... Bucks are better than Mercurys!

58 Eagle
59 Packard

They would last for 20 years and they are awesome. I'd rather have one of those than a studebaker lark. - bobcards

60 Ruf Automobile
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