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61 Wiesmann

There the coolest ever I would buy one if I could please vote for wiesmann

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62 Opel

I'm loving my 2015 Opel corsa. It has some of the best steering out there with a surprisingly good handling (especially for a small car) along with some fluidity on the road despite the 90 hp. It's also very quiet on the road which makes the ride even more enjoyable. I just love driving this car. It's also quite stylish and good looking. I've only owned it for a few months so I can't speak for its reliability. However, it is commonly known that these cars are quite durable. I'm a bit confused at how cars like Ferrari are at number 1. Was the website invaded by a bunch of kids? Granted, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are extremely powerful and good looking cars. Still, speed and looks aren't everything. Reliability plays a major factor and it is well known that these types of cars require thousands of dollars of maintenance / repairs yearly. these cars also lack diversity. They only make sports cars. Nissan makes cars just as powerful (GTR) along with off road cars, family cars, city cars...

I like opel serious company car

Again, we can see, that people doesn't see or respect true and honest engineering and car making. Opel is on of those brands, that is very underrated. Check out history and old models, so beautiful and propely built cars.

I have a tiny corsa 1.2s and never broke down since 1986. Even the 388000 km it still working fine. The most reliable car I ever know.

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63 AC Cars
64 Saleen

Twin turbo is awesome

65 Peerless
66 Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki - Swift is the best combination of power and look... Experience the drive.
Its really awesome car with a sexy and sporty look I ever seen.

Cheap and best car in our country!
Maruti suzuki is the best!
Swift is the most selling car in our India!
Keep going maruti!

Maruti Suzuki is a indian car company and we indian was proud to say maruti is a indian and maruti 800 is best selling car and dream make true car for all indians

Most popular company in india

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Can somebody tell me what this is? It must be new cause I have a 65 page list of cars and it's not there

It is the company which manufactured environmental friendly electric car.

The most hideous car ever developed

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68 Daihatsu

Their products have high reliability. They manufacture small cars, which make you comfortable and enjoy driving. They are very good at making small cars with nice design.

I am waiting in India for this car.

Daihatsu is the best company

69 Mahindra Rise

It is a Indian automobile

This is very beautiful

I hope to need job for Mahindra group company in my country manufacture

It have many awesome cars...

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70 Gumpert

Gumpert is way to low I mean gumpert creates cars with their very own style and their not doing what everyone else is doing and that's good and the cars are just amazing

Apollo sport awesome car

The Gumpert brand makes really nice cars like the Apollo and Tornante. Plus it's a European brand!

71 Hennessey

Hennessey Venom GT beat the Bugatti Veyron as worlds fastest car why is it 63

They hold the world record with the venom GT not many people know this brand, but it is awesome like I said under McLarun this should be #1 270 MPH!

Why in the name of cars is this #80?!?!?!? MY expression. Please do not duplicate.

Isn't that a beer? - Thicc_Neeson

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72 Jensen
73 DuPont V 1 Comment

The Best ever existed Car Company on the entire universe. If you ever wanted to buy a car from this company, your Best choice is pride.
Buy a pride and be proud.
If you have ever thought about suicide, don't consider cutting yourself or any other fancy mainstream method, just take a road trip with your pride and die happy ever after.

I love this company so much

The best car at low rate

I love saipa 141

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75 DiMora

They have only made one car but it's the greatest car in the whole world made from volcanic rock has a computer and you can use ipod songs for a horn search it up and you'll see - browney115

76 SsangYong

Ssangyong make the ugliest cars in the world and why they are even in this list, I've no idea.

They are good

77 Datsun

At least deserves an honorable mention, they were fun cars to drive. And don't down-vote me if you haven't driven one. There's a reason people still look for these.

The best car,and very super performance car,i like datsun car,why I like datsun? datsun car my first car,lovely like my car,

78 Iran Khodro (IKCO)

I don't think so - pooyaferrari

Worst car company in the word

Is very good car

79 Lada

Lada is the company that offers the best quality/price factor. Older Ladas (2101 - 2107) are the improved and hardened versions of the car of the year 1967 (Fiat 124) and later Nivas are highly ranked 4x4 vehicles by many professionals. Later came Samaras, with the engine design helped by Porsche, continuing to produce reliable cars with low cost. First generation of 110:s was disappointing, but Lada has got on the track with better models like Kalina and Granta. Lada's design and machinery is simple, so it does not contain as many sources of troubles than many others of today's cars.

For the price the Lada is a very good car, one that is much better than others with the same price range

They have Lada Niva, best car ever, and that's why Lada should be on 5th place, not 88th - Multistream

Don't belive those lada cm's. They are just trying to fool you! I heard that lada is the worst car in the world plus the lada cars sound like old ugly trucks! 2010 vaz 2105 is a new car but it looks like a 1970 vaz 2103! So don't buy these cars. The car of my dreams was 2013 volkswagon passat. Don't buy lada. I say buy the 2013 volkswagon passat or buy the car of your dreams! GOOD BYE!

80 W Motors

Most stylish car ever

Lykan Hypersport is beautiful car ever

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