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81 General Motors

This should be first place. Any one who is American needs to support American brands. General Motors for life!

Of course this should be first

82 Suzuki

The kizashi is the best quality car I have own. Puts Honda and Toyota's to shame!

All suzuki car are best

They should have been at the end

It should be in the end

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83 Zastava
84 Luxgen V 1 Comment
85 Lincoln

Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.

He means the car company

Oh for heaven's sake! - bobcards

Best car since it's my name

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86 Dacia

The best car from Eastern Europe

I have a Dacia Duster and it's the best SUV from all I had ultill now

87 Scion

Great style and good performance. I owe one myself. (Great version of Toyota/Lexus)

Powerful speed. Love the performance. Better than Hyundai Genesis.

Great version of Toyota, Lexus is so boring to drive, xB is cool and sporty.

The made the box car. The Scion xB!

88 Rhino
89 Noble

A very noble car

Best British car company in the world

The M15 is one of the best cars ever made!

Man oh man the fastest is the m600 top speed 225 mph and cost 200,000 pounds

91 Shelby

Shelby should first for its good looking its even faster than a ferrari

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92 Plymouth

American muscle should be way higher on the list

Does not get better than a petty blues super bird

93 John Deere V 1 Comment
94 Sarao

Nice heavy duty passenger jeeps

95 Peel

A very large and spacious car. My family escaped from prison yesterday and the Peel P50 made an excellent getaway. Not only could it fit my family, but also my huge-ass penis.

I think they made 82 in 1981 - bobcards

96 MG

The MG-B is the best of the British sports cars.
The tractor, engine, is easy to work on and if well
Maintained, will serve you well.

Stay away from the MG Midget--

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97 Geely V 2 Comments
98 Yamaha

At least to screw the top once yamaha is trying but if we say about speed and designs the top once are rocking because no good model of yamaha had yet launch the best car that can shook ferrari.

Please should not be included

99 Haima
100 Reliant

Handles beautifully. It should be in rallies, it will beat the Lancia Delta's 8 win streak. A shame though that it killed so many people.

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