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121 Caterham

Vote this up higher. It's very cheap ($25,000-$50,000) and it runs excellent. The Seven has a 9/10 rating from Top Gear Magazine. - Mcgillacuddy

Because if you want fun and purist car for a small amount of money,
This is the car you should buy!

Please vote up!

122 Hyundai

Best Car Company Ever! Produces the Best Cars and the most Comfortable Cars! I own a Hyundai i10 and it's the best car ever no matter what - Nanditha946

How can Hyundai in 111 position. Cars in Hyundai produces best cars. It doesn't matter that it produces small cars like Eon, I10 and I20 but why need cars very expensive and big in size we need a car for ourself not to show the world that cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and BMW are best. These are cars with high rates like $ 280,500,045. This is wastage of money.

Its very good company.. The hyundai i10 sportz is very good its engine of vtvt fits perfect on the body and also on the car. Best car company EVER!

I own a hyndai i10 and it is the best car and more over hyundai is one of the best brands and it must stand in top 10 positions

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123 Tata Motors

Its nice to see TATA motors in top 70 car company's in the world. I want you to come within top 10 car company's in the world. Hop my dream with come true soon. All the best TATA.

Best car ever seen before in Auto market, Tata is major player Indian market...

If we are taking about cars which are a show piece less than an automobile then I won't recommend tata...But if you are looking for a dependable and sober car then you've gotta go with tata!

Tata is the best

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124 Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

With xuv its going to lift the face of the company and also the automobile sector of India

One of fast emerging company in India with its powerful car like xuv, scorpio, and now collabration with korean company will lead to improve its rank in automobile sector.

I think mahindra should be at top 10 because one it's performance and power

Wonderful cars

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125 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi The Mitsubishi Group is a group of autonomous Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries.

First I thanks to Mitsubishi cop. Japan.. My Mitsubishi jeep j44 manufacturing year 1967.. Still good condition.. Until to this date I never repair my engine.. Still good tune and power.. Thank you Mitsubishi Heavy vehicles cop.

Mitsubishi is the best car company in the world it totally beats Mazda and Ford. I love their Lancer.

Using Lancer for 1o years with no problem. Nice Balanced car with safety and speed. I can easily overtake other brands new cars having more powerful engines. Tnx to Mitsubishi for making so nice car

Lancer... the best car to drag

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126 Proton

Good handling and still find the new way to improve their quality of engine from fuel efficient and especially the power

Best handling and improved a lot now a day

Its very good because its price, quality!

Malaysia car is the good car

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127 Isuzu

They have there engines in one of the best running 1 tons in this country because of that I am going to vote for them they deserve to be higher up in quaility

King of diesel

128 Great Wall

Crappiest cars ever, they even sell 'trucks', face it China, you can make almost everything... Not cars.

When I took a look @ this I asked myself why I even wanted to see it

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129 Chery V 3 Comments
130 Infiniti

Best cars out in market at a reasonable price and full loaded luxuries and best customer satisfaction. Best warranty and service provided by Infiniti.

It should be one of the top ten! Don't know why it is all the way at the bottom of the list!

Infiniti is the best I think

Infinits are awesome! Great engine, smooth ride, classy look and reasonable prices - opinionated4

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131 Kia

I too, own a KIA and never had any problems. My next car will also be a KIA.

I wish I can afford a KIA CARNIVAL because is good. By the way is cheaper than Japanese cars.

Kia Is The Best I Own A Kia Optima

Kia sorento is a good, 2012 and 2013 sx, award car.

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132 Daewoo

This is an excellent and efficient company. Probably the best way of keeping my groceries fresh. Dose fridges be good. Apparently, they also make cars... Ne

They break in like 2 years - bobcards

133 Ascari
134 Acura

Sharp looking and just awesome

Acura's are sexually as balls boi, way better than your moms average car

The tail lights of the TLX are eye catching and gorgeous- and that's just the tail lights!

I. loveƩ. You. ACURA

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135 Ariel Motor Company

The atom is a wonderful and brilliantly designed car. Not one for everyday, but a stunning track car.

The fastest is the atom v8 it will shoot to not to 60 mph in 2.4 sec that is faster than a Bugatti veyron super sports and 2 tons lighter

136 Hindustan Motors

Lion of last century

Nothing beats the Ambassdor.

Best classic car ever

You bitch say nutin beat yo Hindustan Motors well wah about that Lamborghini

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137 Vemac
138 Niva V 1 Comment
139 Eicher Motors
140 Edsel V 1 Comment
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